Part 4: Add Supporters To Your List

Pardon the dust! Due to the popularity of this MailChimp for Missionaries series, we are currently upgrading the articles and republishing them. The new versions include fresh artwork, an embedded table of contents, and updated content to reflect the latest that MailChimp offers.

In part 3, you created a mailing list at MailChimp to track the email addresses of your supporters. But we left it empty. Now, you need to add your supporters.

MailChimp offers several different ways to add people, and we’ll cover a few of them in the next few articles. Eventually, you’ll want to pull in a big, long list of supporters all at once from your contact list, or a spreadsheet, or from somewhere else. But before we go jumping off the deep end, it’s important to understand where all of the different information about your supporters lands when you add them in.

To help make that clear, this article will focus on adding individual supporters manually. Besides, as you meet people throughout the course of your ministry, you’ll often have some of them ask you to add them to your prayer letter list, and you’ll need to know how to add an individual supporter.

This article will explain exactly how to do that. (more…)