Behind the Scenes: November 2014

Oh, the scramble right before the big day. I’m sure you’ve been there.

“What happened here?”

“I thought we already fixed that.”

“Does this look funny to you?”

“Hey – It hurts when I do this!

“Where’d my Sending Church go?”

Ah, yes.  It happens right before every major software release, and Monday’s launch of the Edify Hub website builder was no different. On Thursday, November 20, we had each of the individual pieces of the puzzle in beautiful working order on our development and testing systems. Knowing there are always loose ends to tie up, I took a “vacation” from my day job to work with my developer to test all of the pieces working together.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. But I was.

There were more loose ends than I thought.

I’m so glad we had all day Thursday and all day Saturday to get everything working together.  Here’s a peek at the activity of the Edify Hub team between Thursday and Saturday – just to tie up the loose ends to be ready for Monday’s pilot launch:

  • Committed more than a dozen collections of fixes to our off-site software repository
  • Added new churches and mission boards to our database
  • Cleaned up pre-written articles for 273 countries and 9,756 people groups
  • Fine tuned the default missionary website layout for better appearance on phones and tablets
  • Tackled some technical head-scratchers for securing the login process without locking out real users
  • Figured out how to keep the welcome emails from going to Spam/Junk folders
  • Stopped the website builder from demanding the missionary’s “invitation code” more than once.
  • Allowed even more customization of the missionary website (graphical charts and side-by-side content blocks) with even less geek knowledge.

Finally, on Saturday evening, I recorded a personalized welcome for each missionary accepted into our pilot program. I introduced them personally to the website builder, and gave a general walkthrough of the website creation process. Those invitations went out on Monday, November 24.

Our pilot program is now closed, but you can still request an invitation to be notified when we start accepting new missionaries.

To see the video walkthrough for yourself, visit us on Saturday, December 20. The third Saturday of each month is Edify Hub’s Video Tip, and the video tip for December will be a walkthrough of our brand new website builder. Don’t miss it.

Yes, releasing a new product is often a scramble.

But it’s worth it!

Take Action

  1. Request an invitation to create your own ministry website when we open the program to the public.
  2. Don’t miss the video walkthrough that we’ll publish in December. Sign up to to get each week’s update sent straight to your inbox.

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