Dig Out of the Devotions Rut

Ever been stuck in a rut?

I grew up in the Midwest where we would get some pretty heavy snowfalls. As a kid, I thought that was awesome! We lived right next to a ditch that was great for sledding, and riding to the bottom was so much fun! It was not fun, though, when I’d be sliding happily down the hill, only to get stopped by the rut of someone’s footprint. I’d have to wiggle around to dislodge the sled so I could continue on down.

That’s how I have sometimes felt with my devotions – moving along, having fun learning so much and then “Bam!” – stuck in a rut of just going through the motions and trying to wiggle around to get out.

You see, I’m very much a task oriented checklist person. I love writing things on lists and checking them off – even adding completed things to the list so that I can check them off! So, being consistent in having my devotions has never really been an issue for me, but at times making them meaningful has. I’ll have my devotions, but sometimes I’m just going through the motions, reading the next chapter or so, stuck in that rut of just completing my devotions – not really learning, applying, and growing.

Escaping the Rut

I found two resources that greatly helped me to stay out of that devotion rut. One is the Olive Tree Bible study app that I wrote about last month. All of the study features are very helpful in getting me to dig in and learn. The second resource is the Busy Mamas Bible studies by Pam Forster. Unlike some Bible studies that seem to just spoon feed me, these Bible studies encourage me to dig in and think. Even more importantly, I now enjoy applying the same methods and questions in my own studies. I’ll share these ideas in my next post!

Every few months, Pam starts a new online Bible study. You can sign up here to get it sent to your e-mail. You can also join the Busy Mamas Bible Study Facebook group where we post comments and encouragement while doing the studies together. Pam’s past online studies can also be found on her blog page. Just scroll down to the bottom and look on the left side of the page under “Categories.” If you prefer, you can also purchase some of them in book form

As a kid, I found it a joy to finally wiggle out of that snow packed footprint and continue sledding down the hill, and as an adult it has been exciting to discover these Bible study resources and methods to help me dig out of that devotions rut.

Take Action

Do you have any Bible study tools or methods that have been a great help to you? Share them in the comments below.

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