Don’t Touch – It’s Mine!

Recently, our family has enjoyed watching the dive bombers outside our kitchen window. They zoom by our window and dive down suddenly. They are quite the entertainment while we eat!

Well….okay….They are not actual dive bombers, but those ruby-throated hummingbirds certainly act like them!

One hummingbird comes along and gets ready to eat, leaving seven more feeding stations at that red feeder, but as soon as another hummingbird flies near “her” feeder, she dive bombs after it. She then settles down to eat again, only to be greeted by another hummer that she chases away. This continues throughout our entire meal!

We shake our heads at them, laugh at how selfish they are, and ask them why they don’t just sit and share so they can enjoy the tasty sugar water we made them!

After being entertained by them for weeks, I started to wonder if God sometimes feels the same way about me.

Does He watch me guarding “my” feeder (or in my case, “my” time) – not letting anyone or anything near “my” time – chasing it away. Is God in heaven shaking His head at me as I keep missing out on His sweet blessings He is so wanting me to enjoy?

How many times have I told my kids, “Not right now” when I could have easily set aside what I was doing in order to enjoy some sweet fellowship with them. Now that they are getting older, I see that my time left with them is going oh, so very quickly!

How long has it taken our family to share “our” time with our neighbors, taking the time to walk around our neighborhood in order to hand out info about our church and invite our neighbors to come? (See Steve’s post for more about this.) Oh, the sweetness of knowing I’ve finally started doing what I know He has wanted me to do!

What about those times when I’m feeling overwhelmed and something unexpected happens, “causing” me to call out loud in dismay, “I don’t have time for this!” It is then that I must remember that “my” time is not really mine. It is His time, and He knows what I need to be doing. It is often in those overwhelming times, that God has some sweet blessings for me to enjoy.

Yet, at the same time, I also need to be careful that I don’t do so much that I don’t leave time for God or my family.

Oh, to have the wisdom to be careful with His time.

Lord, help me not be a dive bomber. Help me to remember it’s not my feeder – instead, “my” time is Yours. Help me to have wisdom with what you have entrusted to me and to not miss out on Your sweet blessings.

Take Action

How about you? Are you guarding something that is not really yours? Maybe the feeder that you are guarding is something else other than time. Money? Talents? Children? Are you ready to let Him have control?

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