Edify Hub’s Shift In Perspective – Why We Changed A Verb

You probably didn’t notice the subtle change in Edify Hub’s tagline. Did you even know there was a tagline here on edifyhub.com? Well, it’s more obvious now, and I’d like to explain how we’re changing it to better reflect our purpose.

Our tagline (which, until now, was visible only to search engines; that’s my fault) has been “Encouraging Christian Growth.” Now that the tagline is right at the top of this page, you’ll see that it has changed a bit — to “Encourage Christian Growth.”

The tense of that verb “encourage” is important.

From the time Edify Hub was founded, we wanted it to be a place where you and your ministry can find tools to help you encourage Christian growth. Instead, I’ve tried to do all that growth encouragement myself. That’s not the burden God has given me; that’s not why He called me to start Edify Hub. It’s time to refocus on the original inspiration behind Edify Hub.

Next week’s article will start a new perspective around here. Rather than sharing another devotional thought or mental exercise each week, I’ll start exploring practical – possibly technical – ideas to help you with your ministry in the lives of others.

Notice I said “exploring.” Yep – verbs are important. I’ll be digging into some areas where I have very little experience. I’ll make mistakes along the way. My parents have given me a long-standing Christian heritage, and I have a very technical background, but ministry to others is a bit new for me. Still, merging technology and ministry is a passion God has given me, and it’s a burden I cannot escape. I’ll learn what I can, and I’ll share what I learn right here. But to really make things valuable, I’m hoping you’ll join the discussion in the comments.

Your participation will be crucial, helping in several ways:

  • Provide more practical advice than I can learn during my research.
  • Offer corrections or improvements when my suggestions are misguided.
  • Provide examples or encouragement for advice you find helpful.
  • Give new ideas for Edify Hub readers to explore.
  • Share other questions that you would like me to research.

So, what can you expect next week? You’ll see the start of a study of missionary prayer letters. Specifically, I’ll look at a bunch of different reasons why missionaries write prayer letters. Once we have a good handle on our motivations for writing, we can begin to explore different tools and techniques that can help to accomplish those goals.

photo credit: Par Fifty via photopin cc

Take Action

What can you do?

If you’re a missionary, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Tell me what you expect your prayer letters to achieve.

If you’re not a missionary but you’re an active prayer partner, leave a comment to tell me what makes a prayer letter “successful” to you.

Seriously, your comments are what this website needs most. Without your input, this will be just another useless blog.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and we’ll learn a lot at the same time. I am so excited to be working together with you to Encourage Christian Growth.

P.S. – I really mean it – Please leave a comment and share your perspective on prayer letters.

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