Finally! A Home Internet Filter for Non-Geeks

If you’re a parent, there are two different kinds of internet protection you need to consider for your kids.

  1. When you bring the internet into your home, how do you make sure all of the computers in your house are protected from inappropriate websites?
  2. If they have a phone or tablet, how do you protect those mobile devices when they’re out of the house – maybe using the data plan or the WiFi at a local coffee shop?

I’ve already explained how to solve the second problem with articles and videos that you can find at

Until now, I didn’t have a great answer to the first problem. In my article Safe Internet for Smartphones I had mentioned that our family filters the internet at our home, but I didn’t explain how. It was just too hard to describe. With OpenDNS, the solution we’ve been using, you’d have to change settings on every computer – and every kind of computer is different, and it’s easy to change back. Or you may have to change settings on your router or modem. And there are dozens of kinds of routers and modems out there. Way too confusing.

But a few weeks ago, the youth pastor at our church sent me a link to a new product for whole-house internet protection and parental controls. It’s called the circle,* and it looks like they’ve cracked the code. Now you can have detailed parental controls for every device in your home, and you don’t have to mess with any computer or router settings.

Watch to find out what it takes. This video shows my experience setting up circle for our home, from opening the box to seeing my laptop get blocked!

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