Homeschool Resources Overseas and Stateside

As a homeschooling mom, I’m always looking out for resources that will help me save money on educational items, help my kids, and help me to better teach my kids.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Worldwide Resources

The following websites can be useful anywhere in the world that internet access is available.

Yahoo Groups and Facebook Groups

Need some additional ideas and support for a certain curriculum? Search Google, your curriculum website, or facebook to see if your curriculum has a Yahoo or Facebook group that you can join. I have been in groups for the various science books for Apologia, the Mystery of History, and TruthQuest History. Parents ask questions, and others give helpful answers. Sometimes parents tell about additional related resources. In the Yahoo group, the files often contain quizzes and study guides that parents have made and shared. I have found these groups to be very helpful!


Do your kids need extra help with some vocab words, science terms, history facts, or math terms and facts? Check out this website and free app to make or access some online flashcards. After typing in the info, the kids can study the online flashcards by reading the term and “flipping” it over to see if they are correct. They can also choose to type in the answer, take a multiple choice/true-false/fill-in-the-blank “test,” or they can do a fun matching game to study too. If you want to print out a list of the terms and definitions or some physical study cards, you can do that too. What can be really helpful and time saving is if you find that someone else has already made some online Quizlet flashcards for that chapter of the curriculum you are using! Just do a search on Quizlet, and the flashcards may already be there! My son, however, found that typing up the definitions himself into Quizlet was part of what helped him to learn them. Whichever way you like, Quizlet can be there to help your children master those facts!


Do you or your kids like reading books? Sign up with BookBub to get great e-book deals in the genres you are interested in sent directly to your e-mail inbox. It can be hit or miss in receiving links to ones I like, but I’ve discovered some great books this way. The deals usually range from free to $1.99. It’s hard to beat that!

Better World Books 

Maybe you can’t get the book you want as an e-book, or maybe you prefer a physical book. This site has used books at decent prices, and shipping is free – even internationally! I have heard though, that the price might be a little more if you order from an overseas computer. If you can connect to a computer stateside or have someone else in the states place your order, you may be able to get a lower price.

Common Sense Media 

Want to find out the appropriateness of a certain book? Check out this website or free app. Now that my kids are older, I don’t have time to read every long book that they read, but I can consult this free app which has reviews of many books and provides me detailed info on their educational content, positive messages, positive role models, violence, sex, language, consumerism, and drinking, drugs, and smoking.

Teachers Pay Teachers 

Looking for some flashcards, a chart, worksheets on a specific topic, or some printable educational games? Check out Teachers Pay Teachers where you can download these and much more for free or for just a few dollars.

Stateside Resources

The following websites are useful to order products to have them delivered to the United States.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op 

By joining this free co-op, you can get in on discounted curriculum and educational group buys. When it’s time for me to buy curriculum, I always check here because I can sometimes get a better deal here than I can anywhere else.

Home Science Tools 

If you have a budding scientist…or just need to pick up those lab supplies for a science class, this site usually has the best deals. You can easily search for the science supplies you need based on the curriculum you are using.

Nature’s Workshop Plus 

I usually purchase lab kits and supplies from Home Science Tools, but one year I decided to order my daughter’s Apologia Science experiment kit from Nature’s Workshop Plus. That worked out perfectly for us that year because they have the supplies conveniently bagged and labeled according to the lesson. My then 6th grade daughter was easily able to grab the bag she needed, which had almost everything in it, and then she could get started on the experiment – No more hunting around the house for items or last minute items or attempting to make poor substitutes, or worse yet, having to skip the fun experiment because we didn’t have the proper supplies. They have these kits not only for Apologia Science, but also for Alpha Omega, Christian Liberty, and others.

Take Action

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