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Hi. I’m Steve Dwire founder of Edify Hub. I want to talk to you a little bit today about how to protect yourself or your teens on the Internet using accountability software.

For a little bit of background you can go back to the post that I wrote on February 8, 2014. It’s called Safe Internet For Smartphones (And Computers, Too). In that article, I told you that I would be producing some How-To videos how to get Accountable2You set up on different kinds of devices. Well this is the first those videos, and its just how to create your account for Accountable2You. If you want to create an account for Accountable2You, I suggest you go to

That will take you to the Accountable2You website.

Now, you could just go straight to It will give you exactly the same thing. The same software, the same service. There’s no difference. The same price. The only difference there is is not for you. It’s for me, and Accountable2You — if you go through my referral link, — Accountable2You will give me a little bit of a commission to help Edify Hub with its expenses. So, thanks for using that.

So, go ahead and go to and then you arrive at this sign up page.

So when you get here, the first thing you’re going to do is to click that big Sign-up button, and it’ll ask you for some information.

Now, I have a fictitious couple that I like to use in all of the things that I imagine for Edify Hub. These are the people that I’m trying to serve. They’re missionaries in the South Pacific. They’re not real. It’s a figment of my imagination; it just helps me out a little bit.

His name is Sam Evening, and He and his wife Janet are missionaries in the South Pacific. So I’m going to imagine that I am Sam setting up accountability software so that everything that I do on the Internet will be shared with my accountability partner for example, my wife Janet.

So, Sam arrives here on the sign up form. He’s going to give his account name.

He’ll create his own account name. In this case “sevening.” So this is Sam Evening. We’ll create a password. Now this is going to be your password. You create your account name, create your password. This is how you’ll login on all of your devices for the whole family. You’ll use this particular account name and this password.

Then you provide the member information and the email address. Choose the time zone. In this case will say that he’s in Fiji. Create my account and proceed to the payment options. So go ahead and click that button.

OK, so now you see the different payment options. There’s $4.99 for a month, $24.95 for six months, or for 12 months, its $49.90. It’s like getting 2 months free for signing up for the whole year in advance. This is what I did when I signed up for Accountable2You.

Let’s go ahead and choose one of those. Either hit the “Subscribe to Amazon Payments” or “Subscribe to PayPal.” You will have to have an Amazon payment account or a PayPal account to be able to sign up. That’s how you get billed. Let’s go ahead and do that now.

So now you get to the Members Center. Members Center is where you download the software for each computer or mobile device that you have. You can also view the reports. This is the activity that occurred on each of those devices. And you can set up the partners so for each device that you have that has accountable to you installed. Each device can have its own set accountability partners.

Your iPhone can have its activity sent to your wife or your husband. Your teen’s Android phone can have its activity sent to you and your wife. Your iPhone — your laptop could have it sent to your wife and to some accountability partners at church. You can set up different devices with a different set of partners. And then the final tab is setting up your account settings.

Before you can actually view any reports or set up your accountability partners you have to install the software somewhere.

So, let’s take a break here. I’ll have different videos for each type of device. Now that you have your account set up, you know your userid and your password. The next step: pick a video that tells you how to install the software on one of your devices.

So thanks for watching this video, and we’ll catch you on the next one!

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