LUP001: Intro and My Story

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Thank you for coming all the way back to visit the first episode. Each episode will have three segments:

  1. Update: Progress reports on different Edify Hub projects.
  2. Encouragement: An uplifting story or interview from someone in ministry who has overcome a challenge or setback by God’s grace.
  3. Tech Tip: A quick technical tip to help you become more efficient, effective, and productive in your ministry.


The monthly Lift Up Podcast is what’s new. The plan is to publish a new episode the first Saturday of each month. Tradition says that the first podcast introduces the host. Who is Steve Dwire? Why did he start Edify Hub and the Lift Up Podcast? This episode answers those questions.

This also sets a baseline to reference in the future. Some day when the Lift Up Podcast is a well-done, successful weekly podcast, I’ll refer people back here to hear the very first episode and see how rough it is now, “back in the day.”

Encouragement: Steve Dwire’s Story

Growing up, my family often had missionaries in the house, and some relatives were missionaries. My intention in college was to become a missionary to a remote tribe through New Tribes Missions or Wycliffe Bible Translators — and to create computer tools to help with translation. As I travelled with a college singing group, God shifted my direction as I saw the technical challenges missionaries faced when preparing for deputation.

Though I had minor opportunities to use technology to help missions, I still longed to be called into foreign missions or some other ministry. I tried a several opportunities to serve, and found a lack of skill or opportunity in specific ministries.

About a year and a half ago, one of the pastors in our church asked me a technical question that God used to give me clarity in His desire for the direction of my life. Out of the passion I discovered as a result of that question, Edify Hub was born.

Since the launch of the company, I have found many different companies such as ORA.NET and PrayerMate who have started building the very things I wanted to build. Those discoveries often made me question whether I had understood God’s calling and direction, and sometimes felt discouraging.

Eventually, I saw the appearance of those products as a clarification that allowed me to focus on the specific, narrow piece of ministry where God has given me the skills and experience to serve with excellence.

Technical Tip

Speed up the work of copying and pasting information by training your fingers to use keyboard shortcuts, and stop moving the mouse through menus. Just like learning touch-typing is a significant time investment that eventually pays for itself many times over, taking the time to learn keyboard shortcuts will also become a tremendous time saver. I’ll teach you exactly how to make copy and paste keyboard shortcuts easy to learn.


  • Copy = Ctrl + C
  • Paste = Ctrl + V


  • Copy = command + C
  • Paste = command + V


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