LUP002: Timothy Seidu in Ghana, Part 1

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This episode of the Lift Up Podcast is part one of a two-part conversation with Timothy Seidu, a national pastor in Ghana.

  • Update: The Edify Hub website launch, and why it took three tries to record my PrayerMate overview video!
  • Encouragement: Hear the story of Timothy Seidu, a national pastor in Ghana. His father converted from paganism to Christianity, then died when Timothy was eleven years old. Hear how he grew up providing for his family in a predominantly Muslim community.
  • Tech Tip: Learn how to control whether dragging and dropping files will leave a copy in the original folder.


This past weekend saw the launch of our updated website. It uses a pre-release version of a custom website builder that we plan to offer to missionaries this Fall. Thanks to Aaron Dickey of Two Lands Creative for the graphic design, and to Joshua Dwire of Some Techie for the custom WordPress programming behind the website builder.

Also, I share why it took three tries to record my PrayerMate overview video!


In the upper west region of Ghana, West Africa, national Pastor Timothy Seidu has an important and far-reaching ministry. He is the senior pastor of Faith Independent Baptist Church in the city of Wa and also is director of Walli Bible College. Pastor Timothy also started a Christian Academy, where he now has more than 700 students, including many from Muslim families.

Dr. Timothy Seidu, Ghanaian Pastor
Dr. Timothy Seidu, Ghanaian Pastor

I mentioned that Pastor Timothy is a national pastor. His father Samuel came to Christ through the influence of missionaries from Baptist Mid-Missions. The local fetish practices still influenced him for a while, but his journey and the work God has done in Wa as a result of his salvation is a story you absolutely don’t want to miss, especially if you are a missionary or are supporting a missionary in a pioneering work or in a difficult field.

Timothy’s Father, Samuel

Pastor Timothy’s father, Samuel Seidu, first learned of Christ in southern Ghana when he mistook a church service for a movie theater. After attending the service, he received a gospel tract.

Driven by his fetish understandings, Samuel began to worship a picture of Jesus that he had purchased from the Roman Catholics. Upon his return to northern Ghana, he began to tell everyone what he discovered. His cousin recognized the name Jesus and introduced Samuel to the Carmichaels, missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions.

Despite the dual cultural pressures of Islam and paganism, Samuel accepted Christ and began walking ten miles each week to study the Bible and to become a pastor.

Through the power of God, his influence was powerful, but short.

While riding his motorcycle to help work on Bible translation, Samuel was hit by a vehicle and died a short time later when Timothy was eleven years old.

Timothy’s Rearing

Timothy’s father had been a pillar of Christianity, well-respected even among the Muslims and fetishists. Now that he was dead, relatives began to pressure the family to reject Christ and turn to Islam or they would withhold any help for his struggling family.

God provided regularly for Timothy and his family by allowing him to catch fish – even when nobody else could. Besides providing food, these fish were sold to provide needed money for Timothy, his mother, and his younger siblings.

Timothy’s Ministry

The death of Timothy’s father left a great burden on his heart. Not only had he lost his father, but he had also lost a great Christian influence for his community. Through that burden, he committed himself to enter the ministry and pick up where his father left off.

Now trained, Pastor Timothy has completed the requirements for his doctors degree from Bob Jones University and is returning to Wa, Ghana.

During his final preparation for his doctoral dissertation, Timothy’s wife Janet died suddenly. Come back next month to hear how God had been preparing them for that unexpected tragedy, and how God is using it in Timothy’s ministry.

Tech Tip

Did you ever wonder why dragging files from one folder to another sometimes keeps a copy in the original folder and sometimes removes it? This month’s technical tip tries to eliminate that mystery and explains how you can eliminate the uncertainty.


  • Hold down Ctrl before dropping to keep the copy in the original folder.
  • Hold down Shift before dropping to remove the copy from the original folder.

Mac OS X

  • Hold down option before dropping to keep the copy in the original folder.
  • Hold down command before dropping to remove the copy from the original folder.

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