LUP003: Timothy Seidu in Ghana, Part 2

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In this episode of the Lift Up Podcast, hear the conclusion of my conversation with Timothy Seidu, a national pastor in Ghana.

  • Update: New Edify Hub content, plus steps toward offering free websites for missionaries in the fall.
  • Encouragement: The conclusion of my conversation with Timothy Seidu. He talks about the death of his wife Janet while he was preparing his dissertation, and how God has sustained him and his three boys.
  • Tech Tip: Tame bullet lists in your word processor – add a new line without creating a bullet in front of it.


New Edify Hub content includes a how-to video, describing how you can share a video with your prayer supporters – for free – without having a YouTube account. Find that guide at Also, Lana offers seven ideas for family devotions. Finally, hear what steps we’re taking to prepare for a limited number of development partners for free websites for missionaries.


I mentioned at the end of the last episode that – while Pastor Timothy was writing his dissertation to finish his Doctorate degree requirements, God was writing another chapter in his life. Shortly after returning to the home of a supporting church member, his wife Janet collapsed suddenly. She died later that evening.

Dr. Timothy Seidu, Ghanaian Pastor
Dr. Timothy Seidu, Ghanaian Pastor

Hear how God had been preparing Pastor Timothy and his boys:

  • Janet & Timothy both had dreams about a death in the family.
  • Janet shared details of her childhood with Timothy that he hadn’t heard before.
  • Timothy preached about death following the sudden passing of a member of a supporting church.
  • Their family devotions had been focusing on Heaven.
  • Many other details…

I know what a blessing it is to have the love, support, and help of my wife Lana – not only with our family and church ministries, but also with specific things that she does to further the ministry of Edify Hub. I would never want to face the sudden loss of my dear wife like Pastor Timothy did. If it ever happened, I hope I could respond with the same confidence and trust in God’s goodness that he has.

Note: Since this podcast was recorded, Pastor Timothy has returned to Ghana, and his degree was conferred to him in a ceremony in Ghana on July 26, 2014.

Please pray with us that he will have wisdom to fulfil his responsibilities without the help his wife had been giving. 

Tech. Tip

You’re creating a bullet list in your word processor, and you want to put something on a new line, but you don’t want to create another bullet. Maybe you want each bullet to have a one-line heading followed by a paragraph of text.

If you just hit the enter or return key, your word processor will think you’re done with one bullet item, and it’ll create another dot in front of the new line. If you hold down the shift key when you press enter or return, you can add a new line inside that one entry without starting a new bullet.

The same trick works if you have blank space between every paragraph, but you sometimes want to start a new line without that space. If you hold down the shift key when you press enter or return, you can start a new line of text without creating a new paragraph with all that extra space. This is a whole lot easier than trying to adjust the list settings or paragraph spacing for just the one new line.

Next time you’re typing up a document, experiment with shift-return and see how it behaves. You’ll probably find many times when it actually does what you wanted but didn’t know how to ask for!


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