LUP004: A Mid-Life Call To Missions

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In this episode of the Lift Up podcast, Randy Wilkins shares how God called him out of a successful secular career into full-time ministry as a missionary in Spain.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear in Episode 4:

  • Update: Clarity on our offer for free websites for missionaries in the fall, plus video improvements.
  • Encouragement: A conversation with Randy Wilkins, missionary in Spain.
  • Tech Tip: Filter out unwanted search results with Google.


Development has begun on our website builder, geared toward making it easy for missionaries to set up and maintain a blog or a website. We’re looking for a limited number of “development partners” who will be willing to use these tools to build a free website while they’re still in the early stages.

If you’re interested in helping provide your thoughts on the future of missionary communication through blogs and websites, and you’re willing to try new tools and share your feedback, let us know.

We also received good feedback on the content of our recent videos:

Because you find these videos to be helpful, we’re investing in some new equipment to improve the quality of future videos. See some before and after pictures of the studio with the old and new lighting.


Randy Wilkins grew up in a Mormon home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite his religious family, Randy showed little interest in God until a motorcycle accident nearly claimed his life at the age of nineteen.

Randy Wilkins
Randy Wilkins, Missionary to Spain

At a friend’s home shortly after Randy’s release from the hospital, missionary Gary Carlson invited the family to Berean Baptist Church in Sandy, Utah. The family started attending, and the friend invited Randy to join them at a prayer meeting.

With the accident sparking Randy’s interest in eternity, he began attending church with his friend. After several weeks, he joined a group from the church at Camp Utibaca, where he accepted Christ as his savior.

He shared his decision with preachers at the camp, Dr. Wally Higgins and Dr. Tony Miller, who then asked what his next plans were. Having lost his job just before attending camp, Randy had no plans of his own. He asked for their input, and they encouraged him to attend a Bible college.

Six weeks later, he arrived at Bob Jones University where he met his wife Karen and earned a degree in Bible.

After graduation, Randy and Karen moved to the Atlanta, Georgia, area and began working in a family-owned business.

In 1990, they began attending a different Berean Baptist Church – this one a new church plant in Lilburn, Georgia, where Dr. Danny Sweatt had just begun pastoring. Here Randy was encouraged to grow through missions trips, teaching, preaching, and serving as a deacon.

One of the responsibilities both Randy and Karen had was in teaching different Sunday School classes. As he prepared lessons for his class members God began to burden his heart for ministry. Eventually he knew God was calling them to enter the full-time ministry, but it took Karen several months – with patience from Randy and some intervention from God – to come to the same understanding.

Listen to Randy recount how God prepared them for the mission field, brought them through a 2-year deputation, and moved them to Spain to work through massive changes during their first term on the field.

Tech. Tip

When Google responds to your search with a bunch of sites you’re not interested in, try using the “minus” or “dash” to remove results related to the words you don’t want to see.

Here’s an example… Search for

missionary email

and you’ll find that 7 of the first 10 results have something to do with Mormon missionaries. To tell Google to leave out web sites about Mormon missionaries, use

missionary email -lds -mormon

Now, most of the Mormon-related search results are removed, providing a more useful list of search results.


  • Randy’s first invitation to church: Berean Baptist Church, Sandy, Utah
  • Camp where Randy was saved: Camp Utibaca
  • Aierdi Farmhouse:

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