LUP005: The Value of Being Kidnapped

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In this episode of the Lift Up podcast, missionary Joe Consford, host of the Missionary on Fire podcast (among others), shares how God protected him during a kidnapping, and used that experience to open doors of ministry later.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear in Episode 5:

  • Update: November 24 is the deadline to apply for a free website for missionaries.
  • Encouragement: A conversation with missionary Joe Consford.
  • Tech Tip: Adjust playback speed in YouTube.


After months of saying only that our missionary website builder would be available for early adopters “in the fall,” we now have a concrete date. Our goal is to let the first missionary create their missionary website on November 24. That’s the Monday before Thanksgiving here in the United States.

Also, on that day, November 24, 2014, we’ll also stop taking applications for those who want to be considered for our pilot program.

Our goal is to offer a system that lets a missionary or mission team build a useful website – absolutely free – in five minutes or less, giving them the essentials of what they need to start deputation. As long as the missionary continues to keep the the information on that website up to date, it will remain free.

Eventually, we’ll offer some premium features. These will be features that some missionaries find can save them even more time, or enhance their ability to communicate and – honestly – cost us more to develop and support, and those features will be available for a small monthly fee.

Now, the handful of missionaries who are selected for our pilot program will have access even to most of the premium features for free – as long as they remain active in keeping their website up to date and sharing their feedback.

So – if you know a missionary who is interested in getting a website for their missionary work – and isn’t afraid to help us work around some rough edges in exchange for premium features later – encourage them to apply for our pilot program.


Joe Consford came to Christ at the age of four. His parents both modeled and encouraged Christian service.

Missionary Joe Consford

In October of 2009, Joe and his family were headed back to their third term in Ivory Coast. While they were en route, a civil war broke out, leaving them in a highly dangerous situation on the field.

After several weeks confined to his house for security, Joe went into town to purchase supplies for the next several weeks when he was kidnapped by armed mercenaries.

Find out how he made it to safety, and how God used that experience later in his life.

Joe and his family currently serve in southern Ghana.

Also, check out all the different resources that he makes available:

From Joe’s story, we learn to trust God when we know we’re following Him but circumstances seem to indicate otherwise. We also learn to be flexible with certain differences between cultures in order to be effective in ministry.

We trust you’ll find this conversation with missionary Joe Consford to be especially uplifting.

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YouTube Playback Speed Control

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Check out the image to the right to see where to find the playback speed control on YouTube.

If you don’t see that control when you’re watching YouTube videos, visit, and click its blue “Use the HTML5 Player” button.

Take Action

Tell a missionary friend about the early-access program for Edify Hub’s missionary website builder before access expires on November 24, 2014.

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