LUP007: “God Does That” – Shawn Kook, part 2

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Pastor Shawn Kook shares how God overcame uncertainty in his life to reveal a clear call out of business and finance into ministry. This is part two of a two-part conversation with Shawn.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear in Episode 7:

  • Update: Progress on website builder for missionaries, and more focused goals for Edify Hub.
  • Encouragement: Part two of a two-part conversation with Pastor Shawn Kook.
  • Tech Tip: In Google Mail, replace Google’s advertisements with more information about the people in the email.


The goal of Edify Hub is now worded differently. I used to say the goal of Edify Hub was “to help you encourage Christian growth through technology, dialog, and prayer.” Now that goal is to “build a network of support to encourage every Christian in gospel ministry.”

One goal of Edify Hub for 2015 is to make enough of a difference to enough people in ministry that someone will let us know that we helped them continue in ministry instead of quitting. If you know of a way that we could make that kind of difference, please let me know by sending mail to


Pastor Shawn Kook
Pastor Shawn Kook

Last month we heard how Shawn Kook, with his wife Jill, began preparations to become a youth pastor. Within less than a month, his mentor announced that he was leaving for another ministry.

But God had plans.

When he accepted the youth pastor position at the church where he was a member, he believed he would be able to continue in that ministry only if he could sell that house in the first six months. At the time of this publishing, nearly ten years later, that house still has not sold.

But God continued to provide.

Hear Pastor Shawn’s struggle to live out faith that trusts God without conditions.

See the amazing, miraculous, BIG God that sees these impossibilities as minor details. His plan has been laid from before the foundation of the world.

Pastor Shawn Kook explores miracle after miracle and asks, “Who does that? God does that!”

Do you place conditions on God? Do you expect Him to work in a way that can be explained logically?

“We are the funnel that God uses to get heavenly resources to human needs.”
Pastor Shawn Kook

Reach Pastor Shawn Kook at

Tech. Tip

Many in ministry use Google Mail to send and receive email. When someone emails you based on a note that was forwarded to them, you may not know much about the sender. Rapportive is a free extension for Chrome or Firefox that gives you insights on the people in your Google-based emails whenever you both have a profile on LinkedIn.

With Rapportive, you can find out what people do, who they work for, and what friends or contacts you may have in common.

Take Action

  1. If you know a way for an average person to make a difference that can help keep someone in gospel ministry, share your idea either as a comment on this episode, or by sending me an email at
  2. Thank Pastor Shawn for his inspirational testimony by contacting him at
  3. If you have a LinkedIn profile, try Rapportive.

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