LUP008: “Forgiveness” – Mike Petersen (Poland), Part 1

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Mike Petersen shares the usefulness he found in a doctors degree in Old Testament interpretation while he serves as a missionary in Poland. He also shares what he learned about forgiveness after facing destructive false accusations in his ministry.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear in Episode 8:

  • Update: Goal-setting for Edify Hub feels harder than it should. Find out some of the possibilities.
  • Encouragement: Part one of a two-part conversation with Mike Petersen, missionary to Poland.
  • Tech. Tip: Learn how to find information on a church website even if it has a poor menu and broken search feature.


How can Edify Hub grow to be more useful in 2015? There are many ideas, but every one of them will take more effort than 2014 needed. Listen to the podcast to hear the list.

Why do I share these ideas when I am still uncertain and fearful? Because you might be facing similar uncertainties. God is always working in ways we don’t understand. Some day we both may look back on this episode and remember the situation now as we reflect on how God has worked.

Lana and I will also be attending the Our Generation conference to learn what Edify Hub can do to help missions. If you’re listening to the Lift Up Podcast for the first time after hearing about it at the conference, leave a comment to let me know.


Mike Petersen, Missionary to Poland

Growing up in Alaska, Mike Petersen accepted Christ in his Sunday School class when he was in second grade. After graduating from high school and ignoring the cynical advice of a friend, Mike applied to Bob Jones University where he earned his Bachelors degree in Bible, prepared for missionary career as primitive as African jungles.

His preparation for such an environment included a Masters degree as well as a pilot’s license and an aircraft mechanic’s license. Shortly after graduation, he encountered a team from Baptist Mid-Missions where he had the opportunity to teach for a year at a school in Australia. This experience focused his energy and his desires on training national men to be pastors.

One man’s off-the-cuff remark suggesting that teachers needed credentials sent Mike back to class to earn his Doctor’s degree in Old Testament interpretation.

As he neared the completion of that program, the iron curtain came down in eastern Europe. Men who visited brought back reports that the greatest need was to train the believers who were already in eastern Europe so they could carry on the work of Christ. This opportunity grabbed Mike’s attention. When a new school opened up in Warsaw, Poland, Mike accepted an invitation to join that effort.

Unfortunately, that opportunity ended abruptly.

False accusations from others at the school – reacting, in part, to Mike’s following of advice given to him by his home church pastor and other pastors – removed him from his position. This happened just as he was preparing to return on furlough to report on his ministry.

Mike felt destroyed.

Listen to hear how – despite such a devastating turn of events – Mike and his wife Becky found strength to continue their ministry even now fifteen years later.

“But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good,”
Genesis 50:10a

Tech. Tip

Think about a time when you were looking up information about a church but couldn’t find your way around their website. Many websites have confusing or incomplete menus and a missing or broken search feature.

You can take advantage of the power of Google to search within a single website using the site: keyword with the website address.





  • Book: The Pleasures of God, by John Piper
  • Two facets of forgiveness
    • Yielding the right of revenge to God
    • Restoration of relationship

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