LUP009: “Forgiveness” – Mike Petersen (Poland), Part 2

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Mike Petersen shares some practical applications of the two parts of forgiveness he introduced last month.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear in Episode 9:

  • Update: Doubling the production rate of content for Edify Hub in 2015. Also – I’m seeking your feedback and ideas.
  • Encouragement: Part two of a two-part conversation with Mike Petersen, missionary to Poland.
  • Tech. Tip: Learn how to say the most useful phrases of a foreign language – for free – before your short-term missions trip.


One of my goals for 2015 is to be producing twice as much content by the time October arrives. Why? Two reasons:

  1. Build up a “savings account” of content so that I still have something to share if emergencies come up – or during our family’s trip to Uganda this summer.
  2. Drive an increase in my own efficiency. This will allow me either to publish more content for you, or to have more time to invest in other forms of service.

One of the first investments is to spend several hours with my developer creating a custom script to automate the mixing of the Lift Up podcast.

Your Input, Please

The Lift Up Podcast currently has three segments: an Edify Hub update, an encouraging conversation, and a technical tip. I’m considering introducing shorter five-minute episodes in between the regular monthly episodes. What do you think of that idea? What other segments would you like to see? What segments should I eliminate? Let me know at


Mike Petersen, Missionary to Poland

False accusations from others at the school – reacting, in part, to Mike’s following of advice given to him by his home church pastor and other pastors – removed him from a position teaching local pastors. Mike felt destroyed.

Mike compares this attack to two different Biblical concepts.

First – as believers, we are forgiven immediately by Christ because He is our Advocate with the Father. Still there is a need for our recognition and repentance in order to restore our fellowship with Him.

Second – As Joseph was wronged by his brothers, he forgave his brothers even in their absence. The restoration of fellowship required repentance on their part.

Listen to this episode to find out how Mike and his old accuser restored their fellowship after 15 years of separation.

Also – hear how God is continuing to use Mike Petersen to train pastors across many countries.

Reach out to Mike to join his email list, or connect with him on Facebook.

Tech. Tip

When Lana and I visited Mike and Becky Petersen back in 2011, we wanted to avoid being the stereotypical stupid Americans who only know English.

We found, whose free downloadable audio flashcards teach helpful phrases in a foreign language. These aren’t the normal Language 101 phrases to start teaching you the whole language. Instead, it starts with key phrases that you’re actually likely to use frequently:

  • Hello / Goodbye
  • Please / Thank You
  • Excuse Me


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