LUP022 – The “Second Man” Missionary: Dan Sehested

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Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear in Episode 22:

  • Update: Using my calendar as a “time budget.”
  • Encouragement: Meet a missionary to Romania who planted a church with a rather unusual start. From the beginning, he has played the role of an associate pastor, with a national pastor taking the lead.
  • Tech. Tip: Andy Bonikowsky, missionary to the Basque region of Spain shares this month’s Tech. Tip, a free app he uses to help deepen relationships with both prayer supporters and local contacts. It’s more effective than Facebook, email, phone calls, and texting.

Resources mentioned in this episode

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On the last episode, I mentioned an upcoming promotion and how it affected our ability to minister with Edify Hub. That planned promotion was really just an official recognition of the additional work I had been responsible for over the last nine months. Interestingly enough, something else has happened at work even before that promotion has had the chance to become official. Another position was advertised at work – one with broader and deeper influence over the quality of the products that we produce, and one that I had been hoping would be created. As soon as I heard, I immediately applied. Yesterday it was announced that I would be taking on that new responsibility. All of this has happened since the previous episode was recorded.

So – what does this mean? Well, with these new responsibilities, it means I now have to be extremely careful and intentional with my time. I had to revisit an idea that I presented in the Tech. Tip of Episode 10 – the “ideal week” calendar. I had followed that calendar pretty carefully for a while – until life gradually started changing. Some of the things on the calendar didn’t make sense for us any more, and other things found their way into our lives. I didn’t keep that calendar up to date, and pretty much stopped following it.

In the last episode I talked about revisiting our financial budget. If finances were unlimited, we could just spend money based on impulse without having to plan. But, when money is tight, having a written financial budget – and sticking to it – becomes critically important.

The same is true with time. If we had unlimited time, we could follow every opportunity that comes up and spend our time without thinking. But now, more than ever, my time is limited. I have to create a budget to make sure I’m leaving room for my family, for service, and for the things that are most important to me.

So this morning (3/26/2016) I opened up my Google Calendar, and completely restructured the ideal week for life that happens outside of my day job. I’m reserving time for family and for outreach, as well as for specific Edify Hub activities to make sure I can continue to invest in the opportunities that best align with the responsibilities God has called me to take on.

And that’s what’s happening with Edify Hub.


Dan Sehested - Missionary to Romania
Dan Sehested – Missionary to Romania

Our guest today started considering missions after hearing of the murder of two former coworkers in the oilfield industry. He left his corporate job and became a missionary in Romania where he serves today. What I found particularly interesting is how he positioned himself in his current church plant.

Unlike most church planting efforts that I’m familiar with, he deliberately chose to start the church from the position of a second man, submitting himself to the authority of a local, national pastor.

Listen to this episode to find out the journey that led to this decision as we share my conversation with a missionary to Romania, Brother Dan Sehested.

“Our outreach goal is  the entire county of Hunedoara. That may sound rather limiting, but it’s what we can do from here.”

He recognizes that the area of his ministry is a bit different than what other missionaries may find. And by choosing to serve with Pastor Mihai as the senior pastor of the church, Brother Sehested adjusted his outreach strategy to fit the place he serves.

So here’s my question… What makes your place of ministry unique? And how are you recognizing that uniqueness in the way that you minister?

To keep up with Brother Sehested, his church in Hunedoara, the upcoming work in Hateg and other aspects of his ministry, reach out to him at His weekly Romania Review is an excellent brief look at how God is working.

If you appreciated this testimony of God’s work in Romania, why not get in touch with Brother Dan Sehested and let him know.

Tech. Tip

Today’s tech. tip is a guest tech. tip. I’ve mentioned my friend Andy Bonikowsky before. He is a tremendous encouragement to me, and he does an amazing job using all sorts of different tools to keep people informed, engaged, excited, and involved in his ministry in the Basque region of Spain.

In one of my recent conversations with him, I asked him if he would share information with you about one of those tools he uses to help me stay excited about his work.

Here’s Andy Bonikowsky.

And the tool that he used to record that tech. tip and send it to me is the same one that he was talking about. It’s called WhatsApp. And because I’m a member of his “Ministry Friends” broadcast list, every time he records an audio update and sends it to that list, I get to hear his update – in his own voice. It’s almost like he has his own podcast, but much easier to produce, and targeted only to a select group of contacts that he knows.

I mentioned earlier in this episode how I’m really trying to make sure I am putting every minute of every hour to the best possible use, because my time is limited. Notice how Andy was able to share his heart and his ideas while he was also taking care of his health at the same time. When he wants to share something, he simply has to pull out his phone and start recording. When he’s done, he shares it with whatever individual or group or broadcast list he wants to hear it.

I think this can be such an effective relationship builder that I’m inviting you to join me on WhatsApp. I’ll create a broadcast list of Edify Hub friends and periodically share some of the more raw, behind-the-scenes happenings. It won’t be nearly as polished as the Lift Up podcast, not nearly as long, and not nearly as predictable a schedule.

WhatsApp connects people using their cellphone numbers. If you’d like to connect with me and get those random updates, install WhatsApp on your cellphone, then send me an email to with the word “WhatsApp” in the subject line. In the body of the email, tell me the cellphone number where you installed WhatsApp, and share a bit about your ministry. I’ll reply with my WhatsApp cellphone number and add you to the Edify Hub friends broadcast list.

And if you have an idea for a tech. tip that you think could be a help to others in ministry, let me know that, too. I’d love to let you share your ideas on an upcoming episode of the Lift Up podcast like Andy did today.


Today, you’ve learned about WhatsApp, and how it can help establish close ministry connections. You’ve also met Dan Sehested and heard his unusual approach to church planting in Hunedoara, Romania. Finally, you heard how I’ve revisited my “ideal week” calendar to help me be more deliberate in how I spend time with Edify Hub while keeping priorities for family and other ministry.

Take Action

If you have a tech. tip to share, or if you know of someone who would make a good guest on the Lift Up podcast, why not drop me a line at to let me know. When you participate in this podcast, you can reflect Hebrews 12:12. Through your influence, you can lift up someone today.

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