MailChimp Open Rates Likely To Increase After Gmail Change

Just a quick note to missionaries who use MailChimp to send prayer letters. Don’t be surprised if MailChimp starts reporting higher open rates for your prayer letters in the next month.


There are only two ways that MailChimp knows whether one of your emails was opened.

  1. Someone clicks on a link in your email.
  2. Someone’s mail client downloads an image embedded in your email.

Until recently, Gmail would always hide images unless your prayer supporter specifically asked it to show images for your emails. This means someone could read your whole email, and MailChimp would never know that they did.

In mid-December, Gmail started showing images by default for its desktop version. In early 2014, it will begin showing images by default on its mobile apps, too.

So, those prayer supporters who have been reading your email without being counted? Now MailChimp will be able to let you know that they’re reading.

That should be encouraging.

If you’re using a different email manager such as AWeber or Constant Contact, the same change will affect their reporting as well. See why I recommend MailChimp for missionaries

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