Monitor Your Windows PC With Accountable2You

In this video, you’ll learn how to install Accountable2You on your Windows PC so you can share your computer’s activity with accountability partners.

Video Transcript – Introduction

Hi. I’m Steve Dwire, Founder of Edify Hub.

We’ve been talking for the last few weeks about how to protect yourself on the internet using accountability software.

Today, we’re going to walk through setting up Accountable2You on a Windows PC.

Log In

So, to start out, head to, and that will take you to the Accountable2You home page. If you don’t have an account set up yet, click the big blue “Sign Up” button, and when you’re creating your account, you can use the promo code: edifyhub – all one word – and Accountable2You will give you an extra twenty days, extending your ten day free trial to a thirty day free trial.

If you do have an account set up, then let’s go ahead and log in.

In our previous videos, we set up a fictitious couple. Sam Evening is the name. So we’ll log in as Sam Evening. And enter his password.

Now we come to the Members Center. On the Members Center, here’s those tabs again. We’ve looked at them before. We’re going to go to the Software tab.

And then click on – on the top – Windows XP and Windows 7. So we’ll go ahead and click that.

Now here the website does give you some instructions. I’ll walk you through those. I’ll take you step by step.

Download And Install

So we’ll go ahead and click here to “Download.” This will download the Accountable2You app. Click “Run.” It runs the security scan.

Now Accountable2You depends on having some other Windows software installed. If you already have it installed, you’re not going to see this warning message. You might have to walk through this, so I’ll take you through here. “Welcome to the Prerequisites Wizard.” So we’re going to have to go ahead and hit “Next.” Hit “Next” again to install the .NET Framework. Yes, we want to allow it to make changes. Agree to the license terms. You can read them here. It’s a standard Microsoft license. This may take a while. I’m fast-forwarding through it for you. OK, when that’s finished, click “Finish.”

And then the Accountable2You software installer begins. You can read the Terms and Conditions. Click on “I agree.” And then click “Install.”

Register To Your Accountable2You Account

Once the installation is finished, it asks for your account name. Again, this is going to be Sam Evening: sevening, and we’ll give his password. And then again we give a computer name. This is the way that this Windows PC will show up on all of the accountability reports that are emailed. So we’ll give this “Sam’s Windows PC.”

And then click “Sign In.”

Now Accountable2You is set up. We need to set up the accountability partners. If we look at a previous video, you can go to and then look for the video that explains how to set up the accountability partners.

At this time, we have Accountable2You. It’s set up on the Windows PC, and now we see Sam’s Windows PC. It’s listed as one of the computers on his account.

Check The Control Panel

Now, there is a control panel that’s installed so you can make sure that Accountable2You is running. It’s down here as one of the task icons. Right here: Show Accountable2You. You right-click that. You can see a few things. Checking for updates. Hit “Diagnostics” to make sure that everything is running. So if things don’t seem to be working correctly, you can look at the diagnostics. Here everything says it completed.

You can turn off, if you right-click, you can close Accountable2You, and then it will stop monitoring this PC. If you do that, it will send out an email to all of the accountability partners that are set up as your partners for this device. But it’s running. Everything’s all set up, and that’s all it takes to get Accountable2You set up to keep you safe on a Windows PC.

Thanks for watching this video, and we’ll catch you next time.

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