Move along. Nothing to see here.

Oh, the dreaded “Under Construction” website! That’s where things stand with the Edify Hub Support Center.

I mentioned before that I’ll be using much of my time preparing to support the missionaries who use the Edify Hub website builder, and that’s what I’ve been doing this weekend.

Part of the challenge was finding a suitable home for the support center. I tried several different plugins for WordPress to be able to keep everything right here inside

Every one of those options I was able to try out had some really strange behaviors that would have been frustrating for those trying to find help. And when you’re already frustrated trying to manage your website, you don’t need to be frustrated further trying to figure out the support center.

For now, I’ve settled on a third-party product that’s dedicated to providing technical support. The appearance is pretty bland, but now I can focus on writing the articles, and not fighting to make sure the experience makes sense inside the rest of the Edify Hub website.

To view the current support center online, visit

And, of course, it’s still under construction.

Take Action

Bookmark a link to the Edify Hub Support Center so you can always find help as you build your missionary website.

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