Old Articles Made New

Some things never change.

But most do.

And when they do, we often have to respond to those changes. For instance…

  • Technology changes. And when it does, the articles I’ve written to describe it can become misleading or hard to follow.
  • Edify Hub changes. And when it does, old articles are no longer relevant.
  • I change. And when I do, I learn better ways to communicate.

Over the next few months I’ll continue publishing video tips to help manage your website as well as Lift Up podcast episodes. The other weeks, when I would normally write an article, I’ll sometimes be revising and republishing some of the older ones.

After receiving several questions about MailChimp lately, I’ll be focusing on adding and revising some articles in the MailChimp for Missionaries series.

If you’re already using an email manager for your ministry communication, you’re likely to learn something you can use to be more effective – like I have. If you’re new to email managers like MailChimp, you’ll find out just how much of a difference one can make.

And there will still be more podcast episodes and video tips coming up.

I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.


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