PrayerMate helps me …

Who would have thought that a strictly spiritual activity like prayer could actually be enhanced by technology?

Today’s short post answers a challenge to explain how an app on my phone improves my prayer life.

For some background, check out the overview video I recorded a little over a year ago for an app called PrayerMate.

Since that time, I’ve really improved my video recording studio, as you can see in the videos below.

“But what are those videos about?”, you ask…

Andy Geers, author of PrayerMate, recently announced an upcoming celebration of the 100,000th download of PrayerMate. That is quite an achievement! In that announcement, he asked for people to send in “a super-short video finishing the sentence ‘PrayerMate helps me…'”

Those videos are my answer. Here’s what I said:

  • By scheduling reminders exactly when I want them, PrayerMate helps me keep my promises when I say, “I’ll pray for you.”
  • With it’s simple, uncluttered daily experience, PrayerMate helps me avoid tapping all over my phone so I can stay focused on prayer instead.
  • By tracking and recording my prayer activity, PrayerMate helps me meet Edify Hub’s goal to encourage every Christian in gospel ministry.

And here are those videos.

(This is also an experiment of sorts. It’s the first time I’m including a YouTube video in the part of an article that turns into a MailChimp email to subscribers. If it works, then I’ll add this approach to an upcoming online course that will supplement my current MailChimp for Missionaries series of articles. If it doesn’t work, well, we’ll both find out at the same time, and I’ll need to do some more experimenting!)


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Visit the PrayerMate home page to learn more about PrayerMate.

Download it for free for your iOS, Android, or Kindle.

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