Support The Troops – Here’s How

It’s easy to say.

Ribbons everywhere in the United States inspire us to “Support the Troops,” but how do we do that effectively?  Retired U.S. Marine Colonel Jeff Moore offered some ideas in a church service yesterday. I took away two key points from his presentation:

  1. Support the troops by encouraging them. The US military does a good job providing for the material needs of the troops. Still, care packages can be an encouragement by providing non-essentials. We have pinned one example of a care package for soldiers on one of our Pinterest boards. Consider what would be an encouragement to your specific soldier. Pray especially for Spiritual encouragement. Though the “there are no atheists in foxholes” truism has some validity, much of the military experience is not conducive to Christian growth. Pray that your soldier will find another growing Christian to provide regular spiritual fellowship and accountability during their tour.
  2. Support the troops by caring for their families. When a husband or father is deployed, he leaves a family at home. Colonel Moore commented that appliances always seemed to break down more frequently when he was deployed. If you have a skill that will be a benefit or encouragement to the family of the soldier, offer your help. Being specific about your offer (“I can help fix your refrigerator, take care of that tree, paint your siding, …”) is far more encouraging than a general “If you ever need anything…” offer. They’re also far more likely to accept your help when it is specific.

Are you enlisted in the military? How can people support you?

Are you a military family? What do you find most encouraging? What do you wish people would offer?

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