System Upgrades

Not much of a post today.

We spent pretty much all day today on server upgrades to get ready for the public beta of the Edify Hub missionary website builder. Here’s a quick overview of what that entailed:

  1. Separate the database server from the web server. This is generally considered a best practice, but we’ve had just one server playing both roles to keep our hosting costs down. In order to support more missionaries signing up for websites, we needed a higher-performance server dedicated to managing all of the data.
  2. Add more logging and performance analytics. This will help us anticipate scalability problems and identify exactly what needs to be done to prevent them.
  3. Updated software. I mentioned in an earlier post that the website builder was in a partially-completed state that made new signups quite frustrating. The software updates take care of those problems and bring us much closer to an open beta.

If you really want to see details, here’s a snapshot of our project plan for today:

System Upgrade Project Plan
System Upgrade Project Plan

Now that it’s done, we have some new tools to help us analyze our log files in great detail.

Server Activity Analysis
Server Activity Analysis

That’s about it.


Take Action

We definitely appreciate your prayers as we work to make the Edify Hub missionary website builder broadly available.

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