The Important Prayer I Forgot

Never before do I remember being brought to tears by a drama with a high-school-aged cast. This week, the Academy of Arts Summer Drama Team did just that.

The story was the life of George Mueller. The scene was the opening of his first orphanage. After much preparation and even more prayer, everything was in place … except for one thing.

There were no orphans.

George Mueller

George Mueller was puzzled. Before opening this orphanage, he had prayed over every detail – the housing, the funding, the staffing. He had been so focused on praying for the preparations that he had missed praying for those who were the very focus of his ministry.

And in that scene, I saw myself.

The prayers of my many morning commutes have mentioned Edify Hub. I’ve asked for guidance, for focus, for strength, for wisdom to know the most important tasks, features, and products. I’ve prayed for myself, for my graphic designer, and for my developer.

But all this time, I’ve completely overlooked praying for the very people I want to help.

I haven’t prayed for missionaries.

Well, that’s not completely true… I mean, I have prayed for certain missionaries. I pray for the ones our church supports and for others that I follow via prayer letter. I pray for their ministries and the specific things that they mention.

But I have not prayed that God would help me reach the missionaries that need the help that Edify Hub offers.

I’ve said Edify Hub’s goal is to encourage every Christian in gospel ministry. But my prayers haven’t reflected that goal. That changes now. The PrayerMate app on my phone now has a new daily prayer reminder. I’ll specifically be praying that through Edify Hub, I will have an increasing positive impact on missionaries and their ministries.

Just like the Academy of Arts team had on me.

Take Action

Have you, like me, become so focused on the work of the ministry that you’ve forgotten to pray about the people who are the target of your ministry?

If you have, stop now and add an entry to your daily prayer list to remind you to pray for them.

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