VT10: Prevent Comments For A Website Page

Video Transcript

On our last video tip, we showed you how to add a new page to your Edify Hub or WordPress website. One of the things you may have noticed at the bottom of the page that we created was a place for visitors to add comments. Sometime you may not want to offer that option. And on today’s video tip, we’ll show you how to turn it off.

So let’s take a look and see what I’m talking about where people can add the comments.

If we go to the About menu and the Doctrinal Statement page that we added last time, here’s a place where people can add comments. And you may not want people adding comments to your Doctrinal Statement. So let’s show how we can turn that off.

If we go back to the Dashboard and find that page… Click Pages, and click Edit on the Doctrinal Statement. There’s a place at the bottom that can give you options. It’s not showing up here, so we’ll want to turn on different options for the editor here. We want to turn on the Discussion panel. So if we click that checkbox and close the Screen Options, there’s another set of options for the page.

We’re allowing comments and trackbacks and pingbacks. Let’s go ahead and turn both of those checkboxes off.

Update the page.

And now when we visit the site, if we go to our Doctrinal Statement, you see there is no more opportunity for a visitor to add comments.

Now, whether you want to allow comments or not – it’s up to you. But now you know how you can make that choice.

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