VT11: Share An Update On Your Website

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On a previous video tip, we talked about how you can add a new page to your website from Edify Hub or on WordPress. But every time you update your supporters about what’s happening, you don’t necessarily want to add a new page to your menu. What you really want is just an “update” – what WordPress and Edify Hub call a “post.” And we’ll show you how to make one of those on today’s video tip.

So let’s take a look at the missionary website hosted on Edify Hub.

This is the Evening Family, and we have one update. If I click “Updates”, I see one thing. This is an update that’s automatically created for you at the time you create your Edify Hub website.

We want to add a new update.

So let’s go to the Dashboard. That’s where all of the edits are done. Go to the “Posts.”

If you remember before, we talked that the difference between a post and a page is that a page is something that sticks around; a post is something that’s tied to a date that’s when the event happened.

So let’s go to “All Posts,” and you can see here’s the one that was automatically created.

We’re going to add a new Post, so we’ll click “Add New.”

We’ll type in the title of our new post.

Then, in this section, just type in the information for the body of your post. In this case I have something typed in already, so I’ll just paste it.

Then, when you’re done, click “Publish.”

Now, let’s go look at what this looks like on the home page. It just shows up as another item under the updates. So we’ll click “Updates.”

And here is the new post.

It will stop after a while so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. And when you get a lot of different posts showing up, this list may start to look a little bit boring. You may want to dress it up with some photos, so I’ll show you how to do that.

If you go back to the editor for the post – go to the dashboard. Go to the Posts section – “All Posts,” and we edit that. And you can do this when you’re editing it the first time as well. If you scroll down over on this side, there’s a section called “Featured Image.” I’m going to set the Featured Image for this.

I can find a photo that I want to apply to this and just drag it in — “Set featured image.”

Here’s the image that will be associated with this post. Let’s see what it looks like.

We go back to the main website, choose “Updates.” Here’s our update, and here’s the image that goes along with it.

If I actually click in and look at the post itself, then here’s the image that goes along with it.

So that’s how can create an update to let your supporters know what’s going on – and how you can give it a little bit of interest.

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