VT12: Your Website – Update Your Support Level

Video Transcript

With Edify Hub’s automatic website builder tool for missionaries, you can create a website in five minutes or less. One of the options is to have your support level shown on the homepage of your website.

So what happens when you get new support and you want to update the number? That’s what I’ll show you on today’s video tip.

So let’s see what the support looks like on the website.

If you chose to show your support level on your homepage, then you see a block here that shows your support level. In this case, it started out at 25%, but let’s suppose we want to up that to 32%.

Go to our dashboard.

Your support level is listed as one of your goals. With Edify Hub’s website builder, you can actually have multiple goals that you’re tracking for different projects, but that will be explored in a different video series. For now, let’s look at the Support Level. Current value is 25%. So we can edit this.

Over here on the right where the Goal Settings are, we can see the current value. We click edit. Change the value to 32%. Click OK. Then click Update. That will save those changes.

And now when we visit the website, we can see that our homepage says that our support level is at 32%.

So that’s how you update your support level. And I hope you get to use that process a lot as you’re on deputation as you continue to increase your support.

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