VT15 – Personalize your Edify Hub Website with your family photo

Video Transcript – Introduction

You finished creating your missionary website using Edify Hub’s website builder tool, and now you want to add your family photo to the front page so people know who you are.

Today on our video tip, I’ll show you how to do just that.

So let’s check out your website.

Here we see the basic front page as it’s created for you automatically with Edify Hub’s website builder. And let’s suppose you want to add a picture of your family.

Now, I’m assuming that you’re already logged in to your website and you see the administrative bar across the top. If you’re not logged in, just come to your URL and add the word /dashboard to the end, and that will give you a chance to log in and come to your dashboard. Then go back and visit your home page.

So here you are on the front page of your website. If you happen to be seeing this page when you first get there, then go ahead and click Home.

This is where you want to add your family photo. To add a family photo, just click Edit Page, and this takes you into the page editor.

Click at the beginning of the paragraph where you want your picture to go. And this a basic strategy. Whenever you want to add a picture into an article on your website, click so that your blinking cursor is right at the beginning of the paragraph. And it doesn’t matter whether you want your picture on the left side or the right. Always put the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph.

After you’ve clicked, you can just drag the picture from somewhere on your computer directly into the editor and let go.

Now that uploads your family photo. (I’m sure your family looks just like that.)

Add a Caption

If you want to put a caption underneath — actually, let’s wait. We won’t put the caption underneath yet. But here, if we scroll down, here are the options that we have. You can either align it on the left or on the right, or center or none. In this case we’ll just leave aligned to the right.

Link to the media file. Many people will want to put in a very high resolution picture that their friends can download so that they can see or paste on a missionary wall. This will give your friends a way that they can get to that. So leave it as linking to the media file. And for the size, choose full size.

Now if you were just using a standard WordPress website, and not one built by Edify Hub, then what you might see here when you drag that photo in, if the photo was too large, WordPress might tell you that it’s too big and you can’t upload it, because many WordPress installations will make sure that they won’t let you upload any file that’s bigger than 1 meg or 2 meg. And there’s a good reason for that. If the photo is too large, then not only will it take up a lot of space on the website server, but it will also take anybody who visits your website a long time to download that image.

What Edify Hub does, it will allow you to upload a photo that’s up to 8 megabytes in size. That’s way bigger than most cameras are going to take pictures. But what it also does is – after the photo is uploaded, it will then take it and make another copy of it that is small enough that even if someone wants to download it, it’s still not going to take too long to download.

So after you’ve dragged it in and chosen your alignment and the link to and the size, just click Insert into page.

And there is your family photo. Then click Update to make sure that the changes are saved.

And now let’s go see what it looks like. We’ll click View Page. And here is the front page with the family photo added.

Now let’s suppose we want to add a caption underneath. And this is what I started to do earlier, but let’s do that now. I want to add a caption so that people know our names.

To do that, let’s edit the page again, and this time when we click on the photo to edit it – click on the pencil to make an edit – we can adjust some of the choices that we made earlier, but we can also add a caption.

In this case it would be Sam, Janet, Nellie, Emile. Update, and now we have a caption underneath it. Hit the Update here, and let’s look and see what it looks like on the home page itself.

Here we are on the front page, and here’s our family photo with a caption explaining who everybody is.

So now you know how you can add a family photo to the front page of your Edify Hub website to make it even more personalized.

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