VT16 – Update your website’s Sending Church information

Video Transcript – Introduction

You have a website that you created using Edify Hub’s website builder tool, and now you want to change information about your sending church.

Maybe they have a new pastor, or maybe the church has moved. Or maybe you have a new sending church.

I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub, and on today’s video tip, I’ll show you how you can change information about your sending church.

So first, let’s see what I’m talking about with the Sending Church information. If you scroll to the bottom of your website, if you provided information about your sending church during your setup, there will be a block on your website showing your sending church information.

If we want to change that, we can log into our dashboard. I’ll do that right now.

Here’s the dashboard.

Then we look under Settings / My Ministry.

At some point in the future, this section may have more information than just your sending church. At the time of this recording, Sending Church is the only information there. If there’s more, just scroll through and look for the information about Sending Church.

Here’s the sending church. It has information about that sending church. Let’s suppose in this case that I’m actually going under a different church.

So I can type in the new church information, and let’s suppose I only know a few things – just name, address, and phone number. I’ll hit Save Changes.

New Church, or just New Information?

Now here it asks me – it’s not sure if I’m changing the name of the church I already had, or am I choosing a different church entirely.

And here’s why it wants to know. Behind the scenes, Edify Hub has tied your website’s sending church to an entry in our church database. And whenever anybody else makes a change to that church’s information (suppose there’s a new pastor, or a new phone number, or a new address), you’ll get a notification letting you know that something about that church has changed, and you can just accept those changes into your website and not have to type them in yourself.

We will let it know that we’re choosing a different church.

It’s able to find Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia, and it’s offering some additional information that we didn’t type in. It finds the logo, and it offers the phone number, the web address, and the pastor’s name. And we can just accept those recommendations. If we want to not accept it – if we didn’t want to display that, we could hit the X, but we’ll accept these changes, and now we hit Save.

And again, it recognizes we just changed something. Is this the same church or a different church. This time, it’s the same church.

Now, let’s go back and look at our home page again. This time when we visit the site, and we scroll to the bottom, we’ll see the new information about our new sending church, including logo, the other information that Edify Hub offered us.

And with that, it’s easy to update the information about the sending church on your missionary website.

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