VT17 – Add a PDF Info Packet to your website

Video Transcript – Introduction

One of the first things that a pastor is going to look for on your website is an information packet about your ministry.

I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub, and on today’s video tip, I’ll show you how to upload a PDF of your information packet so it’s available on your website.

To upload your PDF information packet, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’re logged in to your website.

Go to your home page, and add /dashboard. And log in using your username and password.

From your dashboard, you’re going to want to add a new page that will hold your information packet. Click Add New.

Your information packet will go on a page whose title is “Ministry Information” or “Ministry Info” for short. We’ll title the page “Ministry Info.”

Now, adding a PDF to your website – it’s not at all obvious how you would do it, but once you know how, it’s extremely simple. It’s this easy.

When you’re editing your page, just find the PDF somewhere on your computer, and drag it right into the editing area, and let go.

It uploads, and then you can give it the title you want it to have. For example, here we’ll say, “Ministry Information Packet.” The link is to the Media File, which is your PDF, and you click Insert Into Page. And here is the link to the information packet. You can actually come ahead of this and start typing: “Download my” Ministry Information Packet. And you can edit the rest of the page to add some additional information, but for now, let’s just go ahead and click Publish.

The page has been published. Let’s view it.

And here, we have Ministry Info. It’s been added to your menu, and a pastor can just click Download my Ministry Information Packet, and here is an example of a PDF.

Now you’re certainly going to want to add more information to your ministry info page, but this gives you an idea how you can add a PDF.

On the next video tip, we’ll explain how you can actually embed your deputation video or a video presentation onto your ministry info page.

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Use these instructions to add your info packet to your website.

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