VT19 – Update Your Website Bio

Video Transcript – Introduction

You’ve been posting updates on your Edify Hub website and you notice this. At the bottom of each post, it has a block that says About, and it has your name, but it doesn’t say anything about you. On today’s Video Tip, I’ll show you how you can add biographical information about yourself to your Edify Hub website.

To update your biographical information on your Edify Hub website, you’ll want to log in to your dashboard. If you’re not already logged in, then edit the address to include the word dashboard after your website name and then hit Enter.

You’ll log in using your username and password. And then under the Users menu, choose Your Profile. Now, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to make sure if you have a nickname that it is different from your username. There’s just something about this page right now that requires them to be different, so I’m going to change this so that the nickname is Sam.

When you’re done with that, then come down to the biographical info section and type the information that you want people to see under the About, your name section.

And then come to the bottom and click Update Profile.

It says our profile is updated. So now if we revisit the Evening Family website and go to Updates and choose one of the Updates, well, in this case it’s not showing the update. It’s not showing that we’re logged in.

So what just happened there?

Well, I had already loaded that page before I logged in and my browser remembered that, so it didn’t go and ask for the page again from the internet, so you’re seeing the old page. But if I hit the refresh button in the browser, then it will go back to the internet and load what the page looks like right now, so let’s do that.

So try clicking refresh, and now it does show the information that you typed in.

Take Action

If you want to fill in that section that says About, your name, go to your user profile and update your biographical information.

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