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Video Transcript Introduction

You’ve posted a few updates on your Edify Hub website, and you look at the bottom and you see a big sideways G that should be a photo of yourself. I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub, and on today’s video tip, I’ll show you how you can add your own profile picture to your Edify Hub website.

So, what is that G thing, and why is it showing up on your website?

Well, in the five minutes that it took to create your website, the Edify Hub website builder searched the Internet for a picture that was associated with your email address. It used a service called Gravatar.

Gravatar is a service that’s used across the Internet to associate profile pictures with email addresses. So, if you’ve already made that association with Gravatar using the email address that you used when you signed up, then you won’t see that sideways G. You’ll actually see your own picture. But, if you’ve never signed up with Gravatar, that’s the picture you’re gonna end up with.

So let’s look at how can we replace that sideways G with your profile picture.

You’re going to want to log in to Gravatar.com, so let’s go ahead and go there now. Go to Gravatar.com. Next thing you’ll do is to go create your own Gravatar, so we’ll click Create Your Own Gravatar, and now it’s time to sign up with a WordPress.com account.

Now, Gravatar is owned and operated by the same people who create WordPress. That’s one of the reasons it’s used across the Internet. So, if you already have a WordPress.com User ID, then you’ll use that to log in to Gravatar. If not, we’ll go ahead and create one.

So I want to use the email address that I used when I created my Edify Hub account. And I will create a username and a password. Looks like it already picked a username for me, or you can create your own. And I’ll give it a password. And Sign up.

So it sent me a confirmation email. I’ll just need to go check my email and find that in my inbox. Okay, here it is. Activate edifyhubdemo. So I’ll click Activate Account.

I’ve confirmed my email address. Sign in to Gravatar. Here is my primary address, and it says I don’t have any images yet. Add one by clicking here. I’ll click that link. I want to upload a new image, so click that. Then I can upload my image here.

Okay, so I will choose a file that I already have on my computer. Go hit Next.

And now I can crop it. I can use these controls to move it all the way to the left, or all the way to the right, or this one to move it exactly in the center. But, in this case, I actually want to zoom in and maybe crop it down even further to get just my face. Not that it’s really my face. Then I click Crop and Finish.

So now it’s asking me for a rating. There’s nothing wrong with this one, so this would be rated G. Some people may create Gravatar images that you wouldn’t want showing on websites. That rating allows websites to exclude things that it doesn’t want to show.

So here’s the image associated with the edifyhubdemo. Now, if I come back to my website and hit refresh, now, my image isn’t showing up, yet, again, and that’s because my browser’s still remembering the page. But, if I go to my dashboard first, and log in, so replace everything after your website address with the word dashboard, log in, and then visit the site, and then go look at the updates again, and then click refresh, to make sure you’re getting the latest version, now scroll down, and you can see that your image is there instead of that sideways G.

Now, it may take a few hours before other people actually see that image when they log in to your website, and that’s because the system has memorized what your page used to look like, and, in order to keep things running fast, it doesn’t always recalculate what the page is going to look like. When you log in, and then refresh the page, you see what it looks like right now, so that’s why I had to refresh.

But now you know how you can update your profile image on your Edify Hub website.

Take Action

Sign up for a Gravatar.com account using the email address you used for your Edify Hub account, and upload your profile picture.

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