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Introduction – Video Transcript

In five minutes or less, you’ve already created your missionary website using Edify Hub’s website builder. Now you want to personalize your web address so that it does not end in edifyhub.com. I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub and on today’s video tip I’ll show you how you can customize your internet address.

If we look at the sample that we’ve been working with, you’ll see up here that the internet address says evening.edifyhub.com but let’s suppose I want something a little more personal such as, I’m thinking off the top of my head, maybe eveninglight.com or something like that.

Log In – Edify Hub Account: Websites

The first thing I’m going to want to do is to log in to my Edify Hub account. So I can do that by adding /dashboard to the end of my web address. Type in my user ID and password. Click Sign In. Once I’m on my dashboard, if I come up here where it says Howdy and my name, I’ll go to My Edify Hub Account.

Once I’m in my Edify Hub account, I can see the section on websites. Here’s the website that I have, The Evening Family.

Right now it is evening.edifyhub.com. If click this section, here’s a bunch of information about my website. This is an area where I could upgrade to a paid plan. If I want to see what my paid plans are, I can compare them, or I can come down here and choose a domain.

Now we’ll see that there’s the opportunity to get a free custom domain name. I could get eveninglight.com for free if I upgrade to one of the paid plans. The standard plan for a year or the outreach plan either by month or by year I get a free custom domain name, or I can keep with the free plan and add a custom domain for just $30 each year. Let’s suppose that at this point, I just want the domain name. I’ll click Add a custom domain for just $30/year.

Now this reminder just explains that your website is free.

What you’re paying for with that $30 a year is the domain name and you’re still responsible for keeping the content of a free website up to date in order to keep that website going. So we’ll just click and explain that I understand. Now it’s going to suggest a domain. Right now it just says evening.org. It’s going to start with whatever you have in front of edifyhub.com. So in this case it was evening.edifyhub.com but evening.org is already taken. I could try the com, evening.com is taken.

Now you may be here because you want to transfer your website. You already have a your custom domain name and it’s hosted somewhere else and you want to move it to point to your new Edify Hub website. If that’s the case, then you’ll click Transfer it to Edify Hub and it will begin a process that lets you transfer that domain name.

For the sake of this video, I’m going to imagine that we’re beginning from scratch. We do not already have a domain name.

Choose an Available Domain Name

Evening.com is already taken. So it’s going to suggest some other alternatives based on what it knows about you. Your name and your field. If you don’t like any of these, you can click Show More Suggestions. You have a whole lot more options to choose from, but I already had an idea. I wanted to try eveninglight.com. Eveninglight.com is already taken. How about eveninglight.org. Eveninglight.org is taken.

Finding a domain name is really hard.

That’s why we have gone through the effort to search for some suggestions. Now every alternative that you see listed on this page we have already checked. It is available, so we can pick any of these. So I could choose telluganda, and you see telluganda is available, eveningstouganda is available, ugandaproject.net, it’s available. So anything that’s listed here is available but we’ll say ugandaprojectnotreal. Actually let’s say eveningstouganda. Nobody’s going to choose eveningstouganda. I won’t use up anything useful.

So eveningstouganda is available. We’ll come down here, click Continue.

Comply with Internet Rules

Now I’ve got to have an address. At this point, we’re actually going to be registering a real domain name officially with your website. There are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed in order to honor the code of the internet. So we’re going to ask you for some information that you may not have provided already.

So we’ll go ahead and add in our address. The nickname is what kind of address this is. You’ll want to use a mailing address. This is the place where somebody with official business regarding your domain name would send physical mail. We’ll register an address.

Anytime you’re changing information about your account, we’re going to make sure that it’s really you so we’re going to re-ask for your password.

So I’ve added my address. I have to have a phone number as well. These are part of the regulations for internet address registration. This is my Google Voice number. Of course the credit card or debit card number that you’ll use to pay for the recurring domain fees. Ok I’ve finished adding my credit card information.

Here’s all of the information about my registration. I’m getting eveningstouganda.org. I have correct address and phone number. It’s going to be $30 a year for just the domain associated with the Edify Hub website with the free account. I have read and agreed to the domain registration agreement.

You can always come back to the bottom of the screen on your account and you can find that registration agreement. There are certain terms that are important to understand.

Make It Official

So click Confirm, and it’s official.

We have added eveningstouganda.org and that now points to The Evening Family website. It says allow up to 48 hours to take effect and there may be an email with a request to confirm the domain name. Let’s check our email and see if we have anything and we do have a verification. We’ll need to click this link here in order to confirm and to verify our registration. So when we’re done, we click Verify Information. So I’ve verified everything. Those are all of the steps and now you know how you can get a custom web address for your website at Edify Hub.


Hey real quick, I just wanted to show you that the domain name is working now. If I go to eveningstouganda.org and it takes me to The Evening Family, you’ll see that it still changes to evening.edifyhub.com. Both of those addresses actually work. In a future video tip, I’ll show you how you can choose which one you want to use as your primary web address.

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