VT23 – Upgrade Your Website, Connect with Supporters

Video Transcript – Introduction

In five minutes or less, you created a website using Edify Hub’s Missionary Website Builder. You’ve done a lot of customization already, but you want to take it to the next level.

Maybe you want to add links to your Twitter and Facebook account, or maybe you want to let your supporters sign up for your MailChimp newsletter.

On today’s video tip, I’ll show you how to upgrade your website to the Standard plan so that you can add additional features.

If you’re not there already, log on to your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is where your control settings about the website itself. From here you’re gonna want to go to My Edify Hub Account, so open this administrative menu and click My Edify Hub Account. Here’s where you have your Edify Hub Account settings, which may have some of this information or not, depending on what you have set up.

But if you come down, you’ll have the Websites section.

Click on the website that you want to add the features to. In this case, it’s The Evening Family.

And if you’re like me and haven’t been able to keep up with updating your website, that’s another reason to upgrade from the Free, which requires a monthly update, to the Standard, which doesn’t have an update expectation.

…let supporters sign up for your MailChimp newsletter.

Why Upgrade?

If you’re curious about what the differences are between the Free, Standard, and Outreach, you can see some high-level indications here. But for more detail, click the Compare plans. So for example, if you look at the Standard plan, if you open the available blocks, one of the things that’s available in the Standard plan is the ability to let supporters sign up for your MailChimp newsletter.

One of the other options is in connecting with supporters, you can add your social network icons to the menu bar so they can find your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

But for now we’ll go back to the website, The Evening Family website, and to upgrade to Standard, we’ll click Switch to this plan. I can choose whether I want to pay $7 every month or pay for the whole year up front. One of the advantages of paying for the entire year up front is that Edify Hub will include one domain name – a custom domain name ending in a .com, .org, or .net – and the fees will be waived.

Normally that’s $30 per year from Edify Hub, but you can get that fee waived if you upgrade to the Standard plan at the yearly level.

Confirm Upgrade

So choose your billing cycle. If you have not entered a payment method, then when you confirm the upgrade, it will ask for a payment method. In this case, I’ve already done that, so I’ll click Confirm Upgrade.

Anytime you make significant changes, Edify Hub is going to make sure that you’re really still the same person, that somebody else hasn’t walked up to the computer in your place, so you’ll have to enter your password again. Let me do that right now. Click Continue. And the upgrade has been confirmed, and tells when the next payment will be, which will be one year from now. Click Return to Account.

Results of Upgrade

So let’s see what kind of difference that made. If I come back down and click on my website, I can now see the plan settings have changed when my current payment was, next payment date, but I want to go to the Dashboard.

Now if I can go to the Settings menu, I see two new settings. One is for Social Media where I can set up different social media links, and another is MailChimp, which will allow me to connect to my MailChimp account.

We’ll go into the details in setting up those social media profiles and the MailChimp sign up in future videos, but now you know how you can upgrade your Edify Hub website to add those additional features.

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