VT25 – Add Website Visitors to MailChimp

Introduction – Video Transcript

In about five minutes or less, you created a website using Edify Hub’s missionary website builder, and that is great for communicating periodic updates, but you’d like to get people signed up for your newsletter so that you can get your information delivered directly to their inbox.

I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub, and on today’s video tip, I’ll show you how you can add a MailChimp signup form to your Edify Hub website.

Now the MailChimp signup form is one of the premium features that’s available when you upgrade your Edify Hub website to the standard plan or higher. If you don’t know how to do that, go visit edifyhub.com/vt23 and I’ll show you a video right there on how you can upgrade so that you can turn on the feature that we’ll be talking about today.

Connect your Website to MailChimp

After your website is upgraded, then in the settings menu of your dashboard, you will find a MailChimp menu. Click that. On the MailChimp account tab, click Connect to MailChimp, and here you will be asked to sign in to MailChimp. You sign in to MailChimp using your Username and Password, and once the sign in is complete, you’ll see all of the lists that you have available in MailChimp. That’s all you need to do in the Settings for now.

Note that Edify Hub does not receive or store your MailChimp username or password. Even if you change your MailChimp password, the connection between your website and MailChimp will continue to work as long as Edify Hub is listed in the “Authorized Applications” section of your MailChimp account.

Place the Sign-Up Form

The next thing you’ll want to do is to go to the Customizer and add the MailChimp Sign-Up widget. We’ll go to the widgets menu, and for more details on how to use the widgets section of the customizer, visit edifyhub.com/vt22 and we’ll go into a lot of detail about how to setup widgets. But for now, let’s decide where we want it.

You’re going to collapse this, and let’s scroll down, and let’s suppose we want to add our MailChimp Sign-Up over to the left of Support Level. So, as we discussed in vt22, that is the primary widget area where we have our support level, our updates and our categories, and we’re going to Add a Widget. And one of the new widgets that is available when you upgrade is the MailChimp Sign-Up Form. So, I’ll click that.

Here’s our MailChimp Sign-Up Form. We’ll drag it up to the top so that it’s the first one in the entry. We get to choose what we want the title to be. Let’s scroll down so we can see. We don’t have a list selected yet. Let’s give it a title; we’ll call it Newsletter. We’ll choose the Prayer Supporters list, and we will ask for the Email, First Name, and the Last Name. Hit Apply.

Now I can Save & Publish my widget changes. Collapse this down, then it will look like this.

And now, supporters who visit your website will be able to sign up for your newsletters with MailChimp.

Take Action

Add a MailChimp Sign-Up Form to your Edify Hub website so your supporters can add themselves to your prayer letter list.

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