VT26 – Make Your Custom Domain Name Stick

Introduction –  Video Transcript

On video tip number 21, I showed you how you can add a custom .com, .net, or .org domain name to your Edify Hub website.

It works like this.

Our example was eveningstouganda.org. That was our custom domain name, but evening.edifyhub.com still works and is the primary address just in case you shared that with your supporters.

I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub and on today’s video tip I’ll show you how you can change the primary address of your website to your new domain.

To make most changes to your website, you’re going to go to your dashboard. So we’ll type in /dashboard at the end of your web address and hit Enter. And once you’re on your dashboard, go to the Settings menu and choose Domains.

Here you see both of the domains:

  • evening.edifyhub.com, which is the one that we signed up with
  • eveningstouganda.org, which is the new one that we created

And the one on the top here is preferred.

Simply click the star, confirm that you really want to change your primary domain, click OK, and now eveningstouganda.org is the primary domain.

So if we open a new tab and we type eveningstouganda.org you’ll see it stays at eveningstouganda.org and now you know how to make your new domain the primary address for your Edify Hub website.

Take Action

If you don’t yet have an Edify Hub website, apply for an invitation.

If you have an Edify Hub website, learn how to get a custom domain name.

If you have a custom domain name on an Edify Hub website, why not make it stick by setting it as your primary domain.

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