VT27 – Update Your Support Level

Video Transcript – Introduction

In five minutes or less you created your Edify Hub missionary website showing your support level on the front page. And now you’ve been on deputation for a while, and that support level has increased and you want to share the good news with your supporters.

I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub, and on today’s video tip I’ll show you how to update the support level on the front page of your Edify Hub website.

Let’s see where that support level shows. We scroll to the bottom of your home page. Here’s the support level currently showing at 32%. But, we want to update that.

So, if we go to our dashboard. Your support level is one of your goals. So, we’ll click All Goals.

Here’s the support level, current value is 32%. Click the title Support Level. The current value is listed here at 32%.

Edit that. Change the number, let’s say we’re at 44% now. Click OK. Click Update to save your changes.

And now go back in, revisit your website. And if we scroll to the bottom of the page, your support level is now at 44%.

Congratulations, your support level’s increasing, you’re getting closer to making it to the field. And now you know how to share that news with your supporters on your website.

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