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Video Transcript – Introduction

As a missionary, you want to keep your website safe from hackers and one good way to do that is to make sure that you have a strong password or that you change it regularly. I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub and on today’s video tip, I’ll show you how to change the password for your account to maintain your Edify Hub website.

Probably the easiest way to get to the place to change your password would be to start by going to your dashboard. We do that by adding dashboard to the end of the web address. And when you’re at your dashboard, find the area that says “Howdy…” and your name. Then choose My Edify Hub account.

Here you’ll see the details of your Edify Hub account including name, email address, phone numbers, but down here is where you can change your password. Click change password, enter your new password.

You’ll see that as I type, there’s a strength indicator that tells how strong my password is. So how does it decide what’s a strong password and what’s not a strong password? Episode 26 of the Lift Up podcast, which is a production of Edify Hub — In that episode, I explained what makes a strong password. I also talked about a tool that you can use to help you generate strong passwords. So if you’re interested in understanding the details of how you can make a password strong, go to liftuppodcast.com/26 and you’ll hear my discussion about strong passwords, as well as some tools that you can use to help you generate strong passwords. And the same rules that I described there, are also followed here in evaluating how strong your password is.

I’ve entered a password and now I have to go and enter it again to make sure that I typed it right. And as soon as I finish I typing it and they match, you’ll see the passwords match, click done. Now it’s going to ask me for my old password.

Any time you do anything to make a change to your account, Edify Hub will decide whether it needs to really make sure it’s you and if you’re changing the password, it really needs to make sure it’s you. So it’s going to ask you again for your old password. So we’ll enter that here and click continue.

Now the password has been changed. You can see it was last changed and here’s the date that I’m recording. So if you wanna make sure that you have a strong password to protect your website, first of all, visit liftuppodcast.com/26 to find out what makes a good password. And then, log on to your Edify Hub account and change your password to give it a strong one.

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