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Video Transcript – Introduction

In the last few video tips, we’ve been talking about using YouTube to distribute video updates to your prayer supporters. Last month, I showed you how you could get permission to upload videos longer than 15 minutes to your YouTube account.

But we looked at the cover image that YouTube chooses, and sometimes it’s not the best. In fact, none of the three choices are good. In today’s video tip, I’ll show you how you can upload a custom cover image.

I’m already logged in to YouTube. So I’m going to go click my faceless blue guy up here in the corner. This is my account icon. And I’ll click “Creator Studio.”

Here’s a list of the videos. If I wanted to see – if I had more than one and I wanted to see all of them, I could just click “View All.” Here’s a list of all the videos in my Video Manager.

If I look at this video right here, this is the one that I’m thinking I really want to change the cover image for it. So I’ll click “Edit.” And one of the things that you’ll see down here at the bottom is – these are all the same settings that we had access to when we uploaded the video. So we can change them at any time.

What I’m more interested in is the thumbnails up here.

Now, it’s given me three choices. And it’s chosen the middle one, which kinda looks a little funny. So I want to upload my own.

Today, I already have this “Custom thumbnail” button. You may not. If you don’t have the custom thumbnail button, then it’s probably looking for you to validate or verify your account. If you don’t have that and you haven’t verified your account — it hasn’t given you a six-digit code to enter — we walked through doing that last month. And I’ll put right here – here’s a link. If you can click here to go last month’s video, and we’ll walk through validating your account.

If you’ve already validated, then let’s come back and look. Here’s that “Custom thumbnail” button again. Click “custom thumbnail” and now it opens up a file dialog. I can navigate through to the file that I want to use.

Here’s the picture that I want to use as my custom thumbnail. Click “Open.” It uploads that picture.

There’s that custom thumbnail. It’s available. I hit “Save changes.”


It doesn’t look like it did anything.

That’s because YouTube doesn’t always update everything all at once. It is a massive system. So, when I say I want to change my thumbnail image, it’s going to remember that I wanted to change it, but it’s already sent that video out all over the internet to different servers all throughout the world – using the old image. So it’s going to take a while for all those different computers in the world – the ones that Google owns – to recognize that, “Hey – Steve said he wants a different image.”

So you may look at this and say, “It didn’t work!”

Give it some time.

Give it some more time.

Keep giving it time.

It may take hours before that image is updated. But let’s see if we got lucky. Here it is; I’ve saved my changes. If I go back to my Creator Studio and look at it, nope. It’s not updated yet.

But if I come back in, I do see that the thumbnail here at the bottom is the one that was selected.

I’m not going to sit around and wait for long. You would not want to wait with me. But trust me. In a couple of days, that other cover image is what will show up.

Just to show I’m not completely crazy, here’s YouTube a few days later with the upated cover photo.

So I showed you today how you can customize your cover image — eventually — on your YouTube videos.

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