VT8: Edit a Page on Your Website

Video Transcript – Introduction

You just got set up with a brand new website. Maybe a friend helped you get WordPress set up. Or maybe you used the Edify Hub website builder to create a new missionary website. Either way, you’re looking at your website and you say, “I want to change that to make it more … me!”

On today’s video tip, I’ll show you how to edit a page from the menu on your website.

So let’s take a look at the home page of the missionary website we set up earlier.

This is the home page that was automatically created for the Evening family from the Edify Hub website builder.

Let’s suppose we wanted to add one sentence to the end of the paragraph on the home page. If you’re logged in, you’ll find at the top of your website is a bar. It’s called the admin bar. Click on the name of your website in the top here to go to the Dashboard. So I just click there.


Here’s the dashboard. Along the left-hand side are all of the menu options of things that you can do with the dashboard to change your website. We want to change the home page.

Now you see two different things here. We have “Posts” and “Pages.” A post is a blog post entry that is typically displayed by date, so the most recent things come first. On an Edify Hub website, you’ll find those under the Updates menu. But that’s not what we want to edit today.

Editing Pages

We want to edit the home “page,” which we’ll find under the Pages menu. These are the things that will typically be your “About” … the things that are going to stick around and not fall off of your website when they get old. So we’ll click “All Pages.”

This is a list of all of the pages that are automatically created. Depending on what you entered on your website builder, some of these may or may not be there. But the key thing here is the Home page. So we’ll click the Edit under the Home page.

And the first time you log in you’re going to get a bunch of, “Hey! Look at all the things that are new!” We’ll go ahead and dismiss those. But here, if we want to add a new sentence to the end of this paragraph…

Saving changes

Click “Update.” That will save the changes to this page. If we go back and visit the site, now we’ll see the new sentence that we typed.

And that’s all it takes to change a page on a WordPress or an Edify Hub website.

Take Action

If you’re a missionary without a website, apply now to request an invitation for the next round of access to the free missionary website builder.

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