VT9: Add A Page To Your Website

On our last video tip we talked about how you can edit a page on your Edify Hub or WordPress website. But suppose you want to create a new page. That’s what we’ll talk about today.


So let’s take a look at the home page that we created from the Edify Hub missionary website builder. This is The Evening Family, the website we created. And last time on the video tip, we added a sentence. We edited the home page.

But let’s suppose we want to add a doctrinal statement under the About menu. To do that, if you’re logged in, you’ll find the Admin bar across the top. Go to the dashboard like we did last time. We want to go back to the Pages menu where we were last time. And instead of editing one of the existing pages, we’ll Add New. We’ll click Add New.

Give it a title. In this case, “Doctrinal Statement.”

Then, in this section, if you already have a doctrinal statement typed up in a document somewhere, you can often copy and paste it in here. If not, let’s go ahead and type something.

When you’re done providing the content for the page … Actually, don’t click Publish yet. We want to tell it where it’s going to go.

In this section over here – the Page Attributes section – the Parent says where it will show up in the menu. If you say No Parent, then it will become a top-level menu item. It will be there directly on the top of the screen. But we want to put it underneath the About menu. So we’ll click About, and let that be the parent. Then we’ll click Publish.

Once it’s done being published, let’s go back and visit the site.

We see that, under the About menu, there is the Doctrinal Statement option. If I click it, I can see the page.

But let’s suppose that we want the Doctrinal Statement to be immediately after About Us instead of all the way at the bottom of the menu.

To move it, we go back to the dashboard. Under the Appearance menu is a Menus menu. We’ll click Menus. Then here’s the Doctrinal Statement menu over here. We want to click and drag that into the position where we want it to go.

Now if you notice, there’s a little dotted box, or dashed box, that floats around underneath, which is where that menu is going to go if you let go of the mouse. I’m still holding on.

But notice how if it’s here it’s indented. If I leave it here, then it’s going to become a submenu underneath About Us. That’s not what we want, so we want to click and drag it and make sure that it is aligned with the left of the other menus.

Now Doctrinal Statement is the second menu in the About menu. We’ll click Save. The menu has been updated.

And now when we visit our home page, if we go under the About menu, Doctrinal Statement is in the second position.

So that’s all it takes to create a new page on you Edify Hub or WordPress website.

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