We Are Open!

The “open beta” period has started!

During the “closed beta” period, only Edify Hub could decide who gets a Free* website. But starting today, you get to decide! If you signed up for an Edify Hub account, then we sent you an email explaining how you can give away a Free* missionary website.

(If I wanted to be overly precise, I’d probably call it an “ajar beta.” But that would sound confusing, so I won’t call it that. That’s just silly.)

If you got an email offering an invitation code, be sure to log in and send your invitation to a missionary friend.

What if I missed it?

Towards the end of the week, I did get email asking “Is there still time?” Fortunately, there was still time for them to sign up, and we had many people like you who created Edify Hub accounts before the invitation emails went out.

But what if you forgot?

Ministry keeps us busy. Sometimes our best intentions slip past us and we overlook important steps while we attend to even more important ones.

Was that you? Did you miss the deadline? Did you forget to create your account before today?

Feeling left out watching everyone else send website invitations to their friends? Don’t worry. We’ll offer other opportunities later.

To make sure you don’t miss out next time, be sure to create your account now.

Take Action

If you already have an Edify Hub account, don’t forget to send your invitation.

If you don’t yet have an Edify Hub account, be sure to create one to make sure get the chance to send an invitation for a Free* website next time.

* See Website FAQ at https://www.edifyhub.com/website-faq for details.

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