What’s Up?

This article won’t be quite as intense as last week’s.

I’m taking a short break from the theme of standards. Last time I asked for some input. I usually try to finish each article at least a week before it’s published, so as I’m writing, you haven’t had time to offer any answers.

Here’s some easier reading. I’d like to share a bit of information about what’s happening behind the scenes at Edify Hub.

1. Coming This Fall – Ministry Websites

I’ve been saying for a while that Edify Hub will soon offer websites for Christian ministries. What’s the big deal with that? There are lots of places to get decent websites. Why is Edify Hub getting into this?

We weren’t able to find anyone that offers a website hosting solution that’s geared toward missionaries and Christian ministries. We know how hard it is to set up a website that actually looks like a missionary website and works for what missionaries want to communicate.

We’ve started with WordPress – pretty much the industry standard web communication platform. It’s what powers edifyhub.com. On top of it we’re building a system of tools designed to make it easy for missionaries and Christian ministries to launch a brand new website and keep it up to date.

By the end of June, we’ll take our first major step in releasing these tools. We are going to rebuild the edifyhub.com website using the first generation of the tools we’ll offer you this fall. We’ll work out the kinks, and then let a handful of you build your own websites using a second generation of tools, enhanced based on the lessons we learn.

We already have a new new look, created by a professional graphic designer that one of you recommended.

We can’t wait to show you what’s possible with the website design tools that are coming up.

2. New Publication Schedule

I’ve you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll notice I’ve been posting an article every Saturday. There are a lot of other kinds of things I want to share with you that don’t quite fit the blog post format. Here’s what you can expect each month, starting in June, 2014:

  • Week 1 – “Lift Up” Podcast
  • Week 2 – Written Article
  • Week 3 – Ministry Tech Video
  • Week 4 – Written Article
  • Week 5 – Edify Hub Update (when there is a 5th Saturday)

3. Monthly Podcast

Did you notice that “Lift Up” Podcast on week 1? Yep. We’re starting a podcast.

There’s a part of me that whines, “Podcasts are supposed to come out every week.” Sorry. At this stage of things, a weekly podcast just isn’t sustainable for me. But there are many things I want to share that just don’t work as a written article. I think one podcast episode each month is something I can be consistent with. Here’s what you can expect from each episode:

  1. A quick update about what’s new with Edify Hub.
  2. A 20-30 minute interview with someone in ministry – usually someone who has seen God overcome an obstacle.
  3. A short technology tip that may be helpful to those in ministry.

Take Action

I’ve shared what’s going on with me. Take a moment to Leave A Comment below. Let me know what’s happening with you, and what you’d like to see from Edify Hub.

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