When God Prompts

Just a few months ago, my mom informed me that my grandma’s Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) was rapidly advancing, and Mom didn’t think Grandma would be with us much longer. Because I had seen how greatly the ALS was affecting Grandma just a few months before at Christmas, I knew that that phone call would be coming soon. It was very sobering, yet I was thankful I knew my Grandma was saved.


While having devotions the next morning, the Lord laid on my heart that I should go back home to be with my mom and grandma. Oh, I so wanted to do that, but I had 3 kids to homeschool, kids to get to music lessons, a homeschool group meeting to help with, not to mention trying to find plane tickets for the 1,000 mile trip.

As I sat there wrestling with the idea, I became more and more convinced that it was the right thing to do. I knew God could take care of things here at home so that I could be an encouragement to my mom and so that I could hopefully see Grandma one more time.

I told Steve what the Lord was laying on my heart, and he gave me his 100% support. Then, I watched as the Lord took care of everything here at home.

First, my kids are old enough to be home alone. Also, since I type up homeschool assignments in the summer, I just needed to print out the kids’ assignment sheets to keep them going while I was gone. The Lord also worked it out so that my oldest, who was taking dual enrollment classes at a nearby college, was having spring break that week. This made him available to be the chauffeur for the week, driving me to the airport and my daughter to her violin lesson.

How perfect was that? And God wasn’t done working out all the amazing details!


The morning after I arrived, Mom and I headed over to the care home where Grandma was being so wonderfully cared for. Although Grandma was very emaciated and could not walk or talk anymore, I could see that she recognized me.

She winked at me whenever I told her I loved her, and she laughed as I told her all about the funny flight attendant that I had had on my trip there. It was so wonderful to have that time of sweet fellowship with her.

That evening after supper, however, was very different. Her eyes were shut, and she was no longer responding to us. When we returned the next morning, Grandma responded briefly to us, but it was nothing like the sweet fellowship we had experienced the previous morning.

After that, her eyes remained closed, and she did not respond to us anymore.


Over the next few days, we continued to sit with Grandma, talking to her, reading her e-mail aloud to her, loving on her, and reading her Bible devotion book and prayer list for her. During that time, I talked with Mom and looked through Grandma’s things, learning so much about my dear grandma.

Despite her difficult childhood and the terrible effects of her ALS, she always had such a sweet spirit. She was also such a great prayer warrior! I came across many of her old prayer lists, and my name was on each of them.

As I think about Grandma, who is now in heaven walking and talking once again and giving out her well known love “pats,” I am very thankful for that precious time that I had with her that very first morning there.

What if I had not been sensitive to the Lord’s prompting that one morning during my devotions? What if I had put it off even a day or two? What wonderful moments I would have missed out on!

What blessings from the Lord have I missed out on other times because I have not been in tune with Him? Or what about the times that I have turned away from his promptings? Oh to be in tune with Him and following His promptings so that I can experience all the wonderful blessings He so wants to give me!

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