When Someone “Different” Walks Into Church…

What happens when someone different walks into church? Someone really different – who doesn’t understand our Christianese jargon or the unwritten rituals of our Order Of Service. I’ve always thought I’ve been a rather welcoming person, but today I learned something new.

At a men’s prayer breakfast this morning (I’m writing on January 18), our guest speaker shared the following attitude that we should have toward anyone entering our church.

“You are welcome here – not as a project, but as an equal.”
– Pastor Chris Anderson

Now, I expect God to change people through His Word preached in our church. When I see my own sinfulness, I’ll realize that I am God’s project – no more and no less than anyone else. But when I visit a church, I don’t want to be treated like their project.

So, when you visit my church – whoever you are – I hope I will welcome you not as a project, but as an equal.

photo credit: tarboxje via photopin cc

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