Why Dwires Do Digital Devotions

“Steve, I’m not sure if I’d really use an iPad if we got it.”

“Well, Lana, if you don’t use it, it will become mine. I’m sure I’ll use it!”

That was the conversation several years ago. Hard to believe I thought I wouldn’t use the iPad that much. Guess what? Steve never got the iPad we bought because I absolutely love being able to use Olive Tree on it for my Bible devotions!

Previously I was a firm believer in doing devotions with a “real” Bible. There’s just something about having the actual book in your hands….but then I saw all that Steve could do with the Olive Tree app….and how I had a stack of books – the BIG Strong’s Concordance, Nave’s Topical Bible, my notebook & pen. Hmmm….maybe it would be nice to have it all together as one. It would make it so easy for traveling too!

So, I got the iPad, installed Olive Tree, and haven’t regretted one bit switching to having my devotions on the iPad! Oh, I do love using my “real” Bible for church, but I can dig into His Word so much more and so much more easily by using Olive Tree resources for my devotions.

So, what about Olive Tree do I love so much? Glad you asked!

As I previously mentioned, it’s so nice having everything together – no need to have a pile of books beside me, and when we’re traveling, I still easily have everything I need – concordance, commentaries, cross references, my notes, etc., even when there is no internet connection.

Olive Tree for Digital Devotions
Olive Tree for Digital Devotions

Here are some of the features I love:

  • Strong’s Concordance – I can simply tap on a word and have the Strong’s info pop right up (including the definitions and other verses it is used in). I love this feature because it is so much quicker than using the HUGE concordance with tiny print, and it aids so much to understanding the verses.
  • Notes – I can then type or copy & paste the Strong’s definitions right in my notes which can be attached to a specific verse or just in a file.
  • Split Screen – It’s so nice to have the Scriptures on one side of my screen and my notes, commentary, cross references, maps, etc. on the other half!
  • Highlighting – If I want to highlight or underline words in different colors in the Scriptures, I can do that too.
  • Prayer List – I also keep my prayer lists in the notes files. I enjoy praying Scripture verses for my husband and children, and I love being able to put a Bible reference in my prayer list, tap on the reference, and voila – I have the Bible verse right in front of me!
  • Commentaries – I can access various commentaries right at my fingertips, and I can have it side by side with the Scripture passage I am reading.
  • Cross Referencing – Do you have a Bible that cross references to other verses? Well, I enjoy using the cross referencing part of Olive Tree too.

I believe the easy access to all these features and tools has greatly helped me learn so much more from God’s Word, and it has gotten me excited to keep learning more!

You can get the Olive Tree app for free with the KJV and ESV preinstalled. To get all the features I mentioned, you can purchase Olive Tree’s KJV Anniversary Edition for only $19.99.  It includes KJV with Strong’s numbers (love that part!); Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary (I later purchased the complete commentary); Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary; Nave’s Topical Bible; Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary; Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (the cross referencing); and more….

For those who don’t want to spend the money, there are free online resources and apps such as Blue Letter Bible and Bible Study Tools. For me, they are a little clunky to use, and they don’t offer the features that I have grown to love in Olive Tree. They might be perfect for you though, so check these resources out as well and see what fits you. They just might make it easier for you to study God’s Word at home, on deputation, on furlough, on vacation, or wherever God has you! You might be surprised, like I was, and discover a wonderful new way of studying God’s Word!


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