Why This Is My Last Weekly Update

It’s that time of year again. New goals. New accomplishments. Once again, you’re going to do more this year than last year.

Not me.

I’ve actually decided to do less. Sort of.

I mean, there are certainly things I want to accomplish this coming year that I haven’t done well in the past. And in order to accomplish those new important things, there are other things that must end.

Back in Episode 32 of the Lift Up podcast, I talked about the kinds of things that I’m changing, and next week in Episode 33, I’ll mention some of the goals I’m shooting for in 2017 instead.

One of the important changes in 2017 will be the end of my weekly emails.

Since Edify Hub began, there has been new content posted on the website every week except for a couple of pre-announced holidays. And every new piece of content has been sent out to Edify Hub’s email subscribers every week.

That’s stopping.

In 2017, only the monthly podcast episodes will continue. Smartphone podcast apps are a far more effective way to deliver scheduled audio content like the Lift Up podcast, so I’ll be turning off the automatic emails. The energy we used to spend on writing articles and creating how-to videos will go to understanding and solving problems that missionaries face.

Using technology to solve problems for missionaries is where I believe God is directing my attention, and I need to eliminate the activities that take my energy away from that.

How about you?

  • Are there things you’re doing now only because you’ve always done them?
  • Are there things you’re doing now only because you think your peers expect them?
  • Are there things you’re doing now long past the time they should have produced results?
  • Are there things you’re doing now even though they take time or energy away from more important things?

As you finalize your plans to take on new challenges in 2017, consider also what you can eliminate to give you the space, time, and energy to make those new accomplishments possible.

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