Your Website, Your Domain

Edify Hub can find an available domain for your website.

As I mentioned in Episode 12 of the Lift Up podcast, I’ve learned a lot from recent conversations with missionaries. They have made it clear that Edify Hub’s missionary website builder needs to let you choose your own website address, rather than one that ends in Your web address is often called a “domain name”, and letting you choose your own means several things:

  • Based on your name and mission field location, we’ll automatically suggest available domain names. You won’t have to suffer the frustrating trial and error most new website owners face. If you have a specific idea for your domain name, though, we’ll let you know if it’s available.
  • We’ll register your new domain for you and automatically connect it to your missionary website on Edify Hub. Don’t worry about DNS entries, IP addresses, and A or CNAME records. We’ll handle all of that for you within seconds.
  • If you already own a domain name that you want to connect to your new missionary website on Edify Hub, we’ll accept a transfer and take care of the DNS setup details.
  • We’ll collect all of the contact information that is required to register your ownership of your domain name with ICANN, the group that organizes the internet.
  • And (of course) we’ll collect the payment information you’ll use for registration fees.

Finding and setting up a custom domain name for your website used to be a complicated, frustrating ordeal. With Edify Hub’s website builder for missionaries, it won’t be.

Take Action

If you want to use Edify Hub’s website builder to create your own free missionary website in five minutes or lessapply for an invitation to join the pilot program, then check out our video walkthrough.

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