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Deputation: Insights from Pastors and Missionaries

  • How and when do pastors and missionaries prefer to communicate with each other?
  • What qualities do they look for in a good ministry fit?
  • What do they find rewarding or frustrating about deputation?
  • How many missionaries do churches support? At what monthly amounts?

Find out in Edify Hub’s extensive report featuring input from more than 600 independent Baptist pastors and missionaries.

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5 votes

Streamline Online Communication – One-Click Responses for Pastors

Offer convenient, one-click responses for pastors (such as “Call me” or “I’m not interested”) directly in deputation emails so missionaries spend less time trying to follow up with non-responding pastors.

3 votes

Streamline Phone Conversations – Filter Churches

Clearly communicate churches’ doctrines and preferences so the missionary can avoid wasting time dialing pastors who will never support them.

2 votes

Streamline Online Communication – Personalize Email Content

Use the missionary’s knowledge about a pastor and his church to personalize both the To: address and the content of each outgoing email to keep each conversation private and relevant.

2 votes

Training – Deputation Etiquette

Help missionaries avoid the social faux pas that can hinder both support raising and effective ministry.

2 votes

Streamline Online Communication – Website Content Email Integration

Automatically include links to missionaries’ information packets from their website when sending deputation-related emails.

2 votes

Streamline Online Communication – Automatic follow-ups

Email follow-ups in advance of scheduled meetings to finalize expectations and avoid misunderstandings.

2 votes

Streamline Phone Conversations – Smartphone Dialer

Connect the on-screen record of church information with a smartphone dialer to eliminate dialing delay and mistyped numbers.

2 votes

Streamline Phone Conversations – Intelligent Call Scheduling

Schedule call times based on a pastor’s declared preferences and historical answer rates to minimize no-answers and answering machine responses.

2 votes

Streamline Phone Conversations – Callback Tracker

Track and schedule callback requests to prevent missed contact opportunities.

2 votes

Training – Presentation Skills

Courses in video, web, print, and in-person presentation skills

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